Varsity Boys Tennis Prepares for Spring


Staff Writer

Spring is quickly approaching and that means the varsity boys tennis team is getting ready to take on the season. Currently, the dedicated athletes of this team are maximizing their efforts every day at practice in order to prepare for another season. So far the team currently holds a 2-1-1 record.

At practice, the boys begin with running a few laps around the court in an attempt to build their stamina. They then have short rallies while waiting for everyone to finish their laps. Soon after, the team gathers together to warm up. They then seperate to do drills. Toward the end of practice, they play scrimmages against each other while the coach observes their individual skills, weaknesses and strengths. From this, they are able to match the players for doubles or singles.

“Our goal is to at least make the CIF playoffs,” senior Captain Jason Ho said, “To get to this goal, we must work on our doubles teams.”

Although their major goal for this season is to win the Almont League Championships, team bonding is something that they would like to have as well. The team feels that this is hard for them because tennis is more of an individual sport. Even though they are scored as a team in the end, they play individually or with one other teammate.

With their season coming up, revisiting their skills during their drills and addressing their weaknesses are important factors to consider in order to achieve noticeable improvements and reach their goal of winning a league title. The team also plans on successfully attaining their goal of improving more on their chemistry with each other.

The boys are preparing for their next game at home on March 7 against Rosemead High School.