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California Secures Testing Waiver, Implements Field Tests in Lieu of CSTs

Editor in Chief
For the many Californian students who have been accustomed to the annual California State Tests (CST), this year marks a transition with the elimination of state tests in favor of common-core-aligned field tests.
“We appreciate the Obama Administration’s approval of this important request, which will allow far more California students to get a


The Choice of a Lifetime

Staff Writer
“I want to be a doctor! Actually, I want this major now and this job!” College graduates are commonly indecisive about their job choices and desire several different ones. Getting a degree is hard enough, but how hard is it to get a job afterwards? According to a 2013 AfterCollege Job-Seeker Survey, 68.1

Test Your Collegial Knowledge

Staff Writer
True or False:
35% of recent college graduates are the first in their family to earn a bachelor’s degree.
(False) (20%)
Which is the most popular college major?
A. Psychology
B. Business
C. Science, technology, engineering and mathematics
D. Nursing
Did you know?
A bachelor’s degree adds about $15,000 in earning potential to a recent graduate’s average salary.

Degrees for Dollars

Staff Writer
In the past decade, the U.S. unemployment rates have risen to their highest level since the recession of the 1980’s with an unemployment rate of 10.1 percent in Oct. 2009. As of February the current unemployment rate is 6.7 percent and slowly declining, but what caused it to reach that height in the

Are You Smarter Than A College Student?

Features Editor
Every child in present-day times is expected to attend college. Failing high school simply means going to community college. However, college is no cheap road and sometimes, students graduate college and obtain jobs that are irrelevant to their area of study.
As students with a degree in higher education become more prevalent, employment


Student Success Fees or Failure Fees? Student Success Fees or Failure Fees?

Staff Writers
California budget cuts have been an ongoing problem that have caused class sizes to increase, courses to be cut and a rise in college tuition. As a result, many California State Universities (CSUs) have considered implementing student success fees that would provide financial support to places around the campus that have a

Genetic Tests: Say No to PGD

Copy Editor
If you had the chance to ensure that your child would never inherit a disease that results from a genetic mutation, would you take it?
The genetic testing of embryos has been around for over a decade; however, its use has increased in recent years due to more efficient methods and the discovery of


Baseball Becoming Strong Contenders Baseball Becoming Strong Contenders

Staff Writer
As the Moors varsity baseball squad gains more wins every week, the JV baseball team is quietly doing the same. The JV squad has not only won eight of its nine game, but are also 3-1 in league so far, including a 15-1 blowout against the San Gabriel Matadors on April 1.
“One of

Varsity Softball Ends Preseason Victoriously Varsity Softball Ends Preseason Victoriously

Staff Writer
During their last scrimmage of the season on April 5, the varsity softball team’s solid defensive plays and fast scoring runs were key elements in their defeat against the Flintridge Prep Rebels. The team defeated the Rebels 9-0, ending their preseason with a record of 4-5.
Beginning the game offensively, the Lady Moors