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Facebook Reaches Out to Users in Expanded Suicide Prevention Feature

ELTON HO Copy Editor FARRAH LUU Staff Writer On Feb. 25, Facebook announced new updates that would provide more resources and support for users who may be struggling with suicidal thoughts. One of the new features is an option to report Facebook friends’ posts if they appear to indicate a direct threat of suicide. Once


Now that acceptance letters are coming, how do you feel? Why? Now that acceptance letters are coming, how do you feel? Why?

QUOTES gathered by JACQUELYN LOI, ANGELA YANG, PAULA KIRYA, and SARA HERNANDEZ “I am happy as well as excited because I got into five out of the six schools I applied to and I am waiting for a response from the sixth one.” -Matthew Chan “The anticipation of a college’s answer is thrilling but absolutely

One-Way Trip to Mars

PAULA KIRYA Staff Writer For years, many have wondered if humans could ever journey to Mars. Before astronauts wereable to venture in space, the idea seemed impossible. However, modern-day technology may allow Mars One, a nonprofit foundation, to send 100 people from around the world to settle on the red planet. The Dutch organization plans

An Out of This World Experience

JACQUELYN LOI Staff Writer Growing up, many have seen science-fiction movies where humans are able to travel to other planets and settle there. In the near future, however, these fantasies might just turn into a reality. Mars One has a the goal to establish a permanent human settlement on Mars. Reasons for settlement on Mars

Moor Viewpoints

SARA HERNANDEZ Staff Writer Q: In a few years, people may be sent to live on Mars. If you could, would you go? “Yes, because it would be a new experience [unless] something goes wrong?” -Sophomore April Flores “No, because I like my home and the area I live in.” -Junior Cody Khuu “No, I

Success Fees Limit Opportunities for Low Income Students

AMBER LI Staff Writer Since 2014, all California State Universities (CSUs) charge students annual fees, called student success fees, to fund classes, faculty, college programs and more. The fees were enacted as a solution to state budget cuts and as a way to avoid tuition increases. Yet, student success fees are more controversial than ever

AIGAT YOUR BACK: ‘March’ to a New Chapter

Varsity Boys’ Tennis Stroking Through Preseason Exhibitions Varsity Boys’ Tennis Stroking Through Preseason Exhibitions

KEVIN KONG Sports Editor Over the past three years, two different head coaches have led the varsity boys’ tennis team. Veteran Head Coach for the girls’ team, Calvin Chow, has recently taken on the new position. Another change to the structure of the team is the addition of a set of captains, Jonathan Ngo and

Track and Field Begins Season With a Head Start Track and Field Begins Season With a Head Start

WESLEY TSAI Staff Writer Having recently placed in two non-league meets and two invitationals, the track and field team have experienced several meets in preparation for meets against league rivals. For events such as shot put, the team took first, second and third place, sweeping the competition. “League is starting with a meet against Mark