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Department of Education Advocates for ELL Reform

DENISE TIEU News Editor SHELLEY LIN Staff Writer An estimated 10 percent of students in kindergarten to twelfth grade, nationwide, are English Language Learners (ELL). ELLs are defined by the federal government as students who do not speak, read, write or understand English well enough to score a proficient on state achievement assessments. There are


Introduction: A Helping Hand

JADE LIEU Features Editor Do you have a first aid kit handy? From a small, bleeding cut to being as serious as a broken leg, first aid has been there to assist. Throughout history, first aid has been slowly but surely improving, implementing technology in order to help as well. Because of this, donating blood

Taking a Shot at Donating

JACQUELYN LOI Staff Writer American Red Cross is the world’s largest humanitarian organization that provides disaster and emergency services. They offer disaster relief as well as health and safety training and education. Alhambra High’ own Red Cross organization also teaches their members basic first aid and disaster preparedness. “Red Cross offers practical information for our

Era of Lifesaving Aid

SARA HERNANDEZ Staff Writer Accidents happen all around, even when we do not notice them. Some are as small as a paper cut but some can be more severe like someone drowning. These circumstances require a knowledge on first aid. First aid is a field that when first comes to mind it is a band


Introduction JANET GUAN Copy Editor Feb. 17 is National Random Acts of Kindness Day. On average, People tend to focus on their losses rather than their victories in life. A kind gesture can remind them to look in retrospect and think positively. Any action, small or large, is acceptable and encouraged. Binding Kindness of the

‘Fresh Off the Boat’ Gives Fresh Take on Asian Americans

DEREK WU Staff Writer KAYIU WONG Opinions Editor Comedy, drama and family are common themes in today’s popular TV sitcoms. However, very few shows can perfectly combine these elements together. ABC’s new series “Fresh Off the Boat” does just that. Combining humor and conventional stereotypes, the show successfully depicts the culture clash in trying to

CROSSING THE CAROLINE: The Parent Trap: Volunteering

CAROLINE REN Editor in Chief Although Assembly Bill 1575 prohibits public and charter school officials from forcing parents to volunteer, some California charter schools still seek to penalize students if their parents do not complete service hours, according to ABC. While parental involvement at schools is admirable, schools should not demand additional time and effort.

Varsity Girls’ Soccer Achieves Almont League Championship Varsity Girls’ Soccer Achieves Almont League Championship

BRIANA THAI Staff Writer The varsity girls’ soccer team had high expectations for themselves this season and have pushed themselves to be the best athletes they could be. As their first California Interscholastic Federation (CIF) game approaches, the team has been working hard to accomplish their ultimate goal of qualifying past the third round of

SIMSANITY: Collegiate Sports For Academic Credit? SIMSANITY: Collegiate Sports For Academic Credit?

SIMEON LAM Sports Editor Sports at the college level have been known to take loads of time. Practice in the mornings and nights dictates athletes like another class. Yet these same athletes can’t use this time towards a major or any classes that will help them graduate since most will not make it to the