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Increase of Latino Presence on UC Campuses

DENISE TIEU CINDY LUO News Editors As the percentage of Latino high school graduates increases, as shown by a study conducted by the U.S. Department of Education, the amount of in-state Latino students accepted into Universities of California (UCs) has also risen for the 2014-2015 school year. With 28.8 percent of Latino applicants being enrolled


A Journalist’s Choice

CAROLINE REN Editor in Chief From natural disaster sites to areas torn apart by political conflict, journalists undertake journeys both literal and metaphorical to display to the public aspects of life that would otherwise remain unseen. A journalist’s role is to speak out about issues that impact individuals, including matters that may be difficult to

The Right to Speak

BARRY CHEUNG Staff Writer The First Amendment is the foundation of the United States Constitution; it ensures the people of the U.S. their natural rights. However, some of these freedoms have their limits, such as the freedom of speech and the freedom of press. The extent of these limits has been questioned multiple times. One

The World at Their Backs

JOSEPH NEY-JUN Staff Writer On Jan. 7, two members of al-Qaeda assaulted the satirical weekly magazine Charlie Hebdo in Paris. They killed 12 and injured 11 others. Since then, large rallies have been held in Paris, and France has received support from other parts of the world as well. According to Mashable, the French government

MOOR Viewpoints: What do you hope to accomplish this year?

“I would like to be more involved in clubs I’m in, interact in class more and be more involved in activities in the Quad at lunch.” -Jennifer Castro, senior “My resolution is to enjoy the little things in life like spending time with friends.” -Justin Imaa, junior “I hope that this year I can make

2015: Vamping Education and Healthcare for a New California 2015: Vamping Education and Healthcare for a New California

KAYIU WONG Opinions Editor In our personal lives, it is no lie that we all aim to accomplish new goals and ambitions every time the new year rolls around. As far as 2015 goes, California is very close in creating effective change in two areas we have targeted for so long. The state already has

CROSSING THE CARO-LINE: The Sad Part About Sadies

CAROLINE REN Editor in Chief As the Sadie Hawkins dance rolls around once again this year, I cannot help but rethink its traditional role as a “girl-ask-guy” event; the establishment of these gender roles assumes that every relationship consists of a girl and a boy. It seems innocuous enough at first glance, but the reinforcement

Girls’ Basketball Rebounds After Previous Season Girls’ Basketball Rebounds After Previous Season

KEVIN KONG Sports Editor Just a year from an 0-10 record and last place rank in Almont League, the varsity girls’ basketball team hits the courts once again in hopes of making strides through the rankings. The team concluded their preseason in early January with a preseason record of 6-10. The girls began this season

Wrestling Pins Their Way Down to League Finals

WILLIAM RODRIGUEZ Staff Writer With the 2015 Almont League Wrestling Finals approaching, the JV wrestling team is leaning toward ending their season on a positive note. As of Jan. 14, the Moors hold a (3-1) record which gives them a first place ranking amongst the six teams in the Almont League. “The [key to our