Varsity Swim Flip Turns into Season


Staff Writer

Swimmers, take your marks. Boop! The sound of a horn indicates that swim season has arrived, swimmers gather their suits and goggles. Like all other sports, a few of the best swimmers have left since last year including several CIF qualifiers. Now the team has to prove to themselves as well as everyone else that they have what it takes to be successful.

“I feel pretty confident about the swim team this year as I have seen much growth in everyone,” Captain Leslie Gutierrez said, “However, I am sad that we lost many of our best swimmers last year. As a team, we can improve together by motivating each other and cheering for each other during our races. For practice, we work on a variety of techniques to improve our strokes so that we are able to swim faster and better.”

Gutierrez believes that no matter what happens, they will in fact be successful. The Moors will go on to perfect their dives as well as their skill set focusing on both technique and speed. Since swim is an individual sport, it is an important factor to trust oneself and in others during relays. With the season here, the Moors must build up their faith and reliance on one another. The team is preparing for their next away meet against the Montebello High School Oilers on March 9.