Varsity Track and Field Pacing Through Their Pre-season


Staff Writer

As the temperature picks up and the rain dims down, various spring sports teams begin to prepare for their upcoming seasons. One sport in particular, the Alhambra varsity track and field team, has been working tirelessly since their pre-season practices began in the middle of December. With their first meet coming up, the players on both the field and the track set their personal goals for the season.

“My goals beginning this season [are] breaking my personal record in at least one of my events, such as the [one mile],” senior Distance Captain Donovan Zavala said. “We are looking pretty well as a team so I believe we’re going to [be successful] on Saturday.”

With a new season comes new players to the team. This year’s newcomers seem to be adapting and working well alongside the returners. The coaches and captains often see newcomers as an opportunity to get the most out of the team as a whole. Teamwork is often the most important thing in a sport. Without a team, a player does not have the necessary influence to reach their individual potential.

“There are a good amount of new throwers,” junior Throwing Captain Allen Sasso said, “I am looking forward to seeing how their first year of throwing goes for them individually. Hopefully they are in it for the long run and come back next year.”

Looking ahead seems to be a common thread among the various events of track and field. Some of the groups have been preparing for the season by attending all-comer meets. These meets pushed them to strengthen their skills and allowed newcomers to have a taste for the competition. As with most sports, the team’s long-term goal is make it to CIF at the end of the season. Competing allows the team to have an early advantage over other teams.

“Pre-season has been great so far,” Zavala said, “[We have] been practicing since winter break, so I feel ready [for the season]. I’m striving to make it to CIF alongside the runners we have this year. I have a good feeling we’re going to do great this season.”

The players are expecting the best for themselves, individually and as a team. The primary goal of most of the players is to surpass their personal records and create new ones.

“The players this year are working very well alongside the returners,” Sasso said, “We expect success in our first meet and for the rest of the season. More practice and hard work leads to more wins.”

Hopefully, the team is fortunate enough to carry out their plans and accomplish their various goals. With new talent combined with the returning players, the season is sure to be full of promise.