ASB Campaigns Begin New Student Leadership


Staff Writer

2014 ASB campaigns have arrived, and elections are just around the corner. On March 26, the official candidacy list was posted at the SGR and Business Activities.

ASB candidates officially began their campaigns on March 27 and will continue until April 7. During these two weeks, candidates can advertise their goals and appeal to student voters by promoting themselves through flyers and posters approved by ASB adviser Jocelyn Castro.

“I hope for next year’s ASB to be considerate of the majority of the students’ opinions, as well as make every student feel welcome and ready to learn. I also wish that ASB can do their best to support the various talented teams that we have at our school,” Director of Campus Environment Nathan Tran said.

ASB candidacy is open to all students. Students who would like to apply for an appointed or cabinet position must set an appointment with Castro by April 14, and interviews will be held on April 18. Candidates are required to record a prepared speech; a video with all the speeches will be broadcasted throughout lunch on April 3 and April 4 during the meet and greet, in which candidates can appeal to the students by meeting them face-to-face. Elections will be simultaneously held at the Quad.

“I believe that what ASB is currently doing is great. The pep rallies we’re doing keep the students more involved in student activities,” ASB Staff Assistant Anna Xie said.