Spring Rally Introduces Sports Teams, Prom Court

Staff Writer

Decorations and steamers filled the campus on March 28 during the Spring Pep Rally hosted by ASB. Spring sports teams, which include Swim, Baseball, Softball, Boys’ Tennis, Boys’ Volleyball, Badminton and Track and Field, were all invited out to participate in the rally. In addition, there were special performances by AHS’ dance teams as well as the Mighty Moors Marching Band.

“The Spring Rally was a great opportunity for people to come out and support the teams. I believe the Spring Rally really helped with letting others know how our season is progressing so far. [It] also got people really hyped up about all the different sports,” Track and Field Captain Catalina Li said.

The Rally began at the Quad where prom court boys were announced. Baseball, Softball, Boys Tennis and Boys’ Volleyball were recognized and Cheer, Drill and All-Male Dance Team performed. Afterward, the Mighty Moors Marching Band began to play and split into two different groups. Both groups then met at Third Street, where the rest of the Rally continued. Afterward, Track and Field, Swim and Badminton were then announced on Third Street and All-Female Dance Team and Cheer performed. Senior shout-outs and Prom Court girls’ announcements also took place on Third Street.

“All the performances were all really entertaining and really well coordinated. It also made me feel more involved how all the sports teams were doing. The Rally itself helped raise my school spirit and I felt really proud to be part of the Alhambra Moors family,” freshman Christina Tran said.