Junior Bianca Nguyen, Varsity Track Member

Sports Editor

1. It doesnʼt matter what ethnicity they are as long as they bring in points. When youʼre part of a team that is as close to each other as we are, we see past the ethnicities. Weʼre more concentrated on winning than we are about the ethnicities of those running in the race.

2. Our team is very diverse. Though there is a correlation between mastery of a specific event and their ethnicity, we value every ounce of skill we can get. We tend to joke around about race, [but] itʼs never been a serious issue.

3. Yes, I do. However, the fact that their friends are in it is more of a contributing factor rather than ability. The fact that people tend to hang out around people of similar ethnicities plays a bigger role than genetic predisposition.