Diversity in Sports

Ethnic backgrounds are often disregarded when it comes to high school athletics. However, diversity plays a key factor in the success of a team; the reason being is that having many views is an important aspect of victory. Diversity provides teams with different insights and also with new perspectives. Diversity also creates changes and new ideas that can be beneficial to a team. Having different ethnic backgrounds allows student athletes to learn each otherʼs culture which has a lasting effect on how people respect other ethnicities later on in life. Being able to respect everyone is not easily accomplished, which is why being part of ethnically diverse team is significant. Some high school athletic organizations are dominated by just one or two ethnic cultures. This can damage oneʼs ability to work with, or even interact with another individual of a different ethnicity. When a person cannot even interact with someone, how does one expect to learn from or respect another person? One simply cannot do so without any proper experience. To be able to relate with others is an invaluable skill that can be taught with something as simple as being part of a diverse athletic.

1. Do you feel it is important for sports teams to consist of different ethnicities?
2. Do you feel that your team is comprised of multiple ethnicities or is it primarily composed of one?
3. Do you think certain sports overwhelmingly attract specifi c ethnicities?