Quarantine Activities

RANDY YANG (Opinions Editor)

Amidst this global pandemic, many may find themselves void of any activities to do. With many formerly everyday activities such as shopping, eating out and partying now creating potential health hazards, we need to search for alternative things to do to fill our time. Alongside the many household hobbies that we typically do such as watching Netflix, playing video games and face timing with friends, there are many other fun-filled activities that we can do at home that many do not think about such as room reorganizing, cooking and working out. 

One of the most important spaces people have during this lockdown is their room, as that is where they could be spending up to 90% of their time. With this in mind, it is important to have a space that people can feel proud of and truly call their own. Some ways that a room can be livened up include adding plants, lights, posters and other forms of decoration. Reorganizing furniture, cleaning up and changing the overall layout of a room are also great ways to change things up and keep a room interesting. 

Cooking stands out as one of the most essential life skills that anyone can have as it is used every single day. The quarantine is the perfect time to brush up on cooking skills as there are a plethora of videos on multiple platforms that cater to any diet whether it be keto, vegan, vegetarian, etc. With enough practice, anyone can create delicious meals in no time at all and now is the perfect time to start. 

Working out is an activity dreaded by the vast majority of the population, however, it is also a source of happiness and a necessary part of a routine for others. With many of us being cooped up in our homes, working out has become more important than ever, as we are not getting the daily exercise that we once did. Working out does not have to be difficult, however, as many workout videos exist on the internet that last no more than 10 minutes and can still bring promising results. Some notable workouts include Chloe Ting’s two week ab workout, Pamela Reif’s 10 minute high intensity cardio workout and Blogilates’s 10 minute fat burning workout.

With the majority of the population being stuck at home during the pandemic, we may as well use the abundance of time that we have on our hands to do something productive. Room rearranging, cooking and working out are just the tip of the iceberg of activities that are available to us and with enough searching, a new life-long hobby can easily be found!

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