Alhambra Sports and the Pandemic

XINYU HUANG Sports Editor

Due to distance learning, all sports activities have been suspended for the fall semester until further notice. While fall and winter Sports are currently scheduled to get back on track in the second semester, it is still a decision to be determined. Due to the rapid changes caused by the pandemic, there is uncertainty for future sports practices and plans.

“This… situation is extremely fluid and things can change at any time,” Sports Director Maya Joko said. 

For now, the plan is for fall and winter sports such as football and cross country to begin their seasons in the spring of 2021. Meanwhile all official practices, tryouts, and competitions are to be put on hold. According to Ms.Joko, Athletes were told to not have their physical exams completed before it is determined when each sport will start. However, they are encouraged to fill out the athletic clearance form on the school website.

Although the cross country season is still in doubt, members of the team still continue their practices individually. 

“…I’ve been running by myself since June…I miss the whole team but I still try to do my best even if I am alone,” junior Andrew Estrada said. 

 There is currently no schedule available on the athletics page of the school website and many spring sports are yet to make announcements to athletes about upcoming plans. 

“[Members of the softball team] haven’t had any updates and nothing has been planned out for [the season],” softball captain Priscilla Hernandez said. “I’m pretty hopeful that we still will have a season because there are many different ways to make sure we’re safe.”

Even amidst this uncertainty many athletes like Hernandez are staying positive about the situation with hopes to start their sports seasons in the spring. More information about sports can usually be found on the athletics page of the school website.