Change in Grading Policy


With the recent Coronavirus pandemic happening, it is a difficult time for all students across the world. The new change of distance learning has made it difficult for students because it is a major adjustment that many are not familiar with. Because of these immense changes, topics like grading policy are still being determined.

As Coronavirus cases increase, teachers are still assigning classwork and tests weekly. This is because many school districts still hope to maintain engaging learning for students even in the midst of a health outbreak. 

Although distance learning gives an opportunity to still have an education at home, students believe there are other challenging factors that make learning from home difficult.

“Everyone has had to make adjustments, small and large. There are students who have to share technology with their whole household. Others have to balance their jobs and take care of siblings. With that being said, it wouldn’t be fair to penalize students who are trying their best to keep other aspects of life in order.” senior Enya Cheng said. 

Other students feel their hard work should not go down the drain for a pass or fail grading policy. 

“The virus has already deprived us of classroom lessons, let it not take our well deserved letter grades as well.” senior Jackie Liu said. 

Teachers and students alike face small and large adjustments to their daily life during these uncertain and fearful times, meaning finding a balance for both parties to be satisfied is a tough call. 

As of last Wednesday, the district informed parents and students of the new grading policy through email. According to the district, student’s grades will not be penalized during the pandemic. Letter grades should remain, but the option “Credit” will be used for any students receiving a D or F grade. If D or F grades should occur, these students can make up their grades in the following 2020-2021 school year with the help of administrators. 

“I think it’s great since it doesn’t put a lot of stress on students during a difficult time like this.” senior Andrew Huang said. 

The district also states that our grades cannot drop from where it was before distance learning, but only increase. Students are encouraged to still participate in order to bring up any of their grades.  They are also encouraged to stay engaged and social with learning in the midst of a challenging situation that we face today.