Impact of School Closure on Seniors


The senior class could be considered the most affected by school closures. In addition to not having school and having to stay home, their Grad Nite, graduation and Prom are canceled.

“I’m really sad that all this happened, but I feel like the school could do more for us but they don’t. Our Prom could easily be rescheduled,” senior Renata Ossorio said.

The school sent an email regarding the pick up of their cap and gown as well as lawn signs. On Friday Mar. 15, students are to go to 4th Street where an administrator will have the items. Parents need to have a sign stating the student’s first and last name along with their student ID numbers. More information can be found in the email or on the school website. Through another email, the school publicized that graduation for seniors will be on Youtube on June 8 at 6 pm. Administrators are asking students to submit a photo of themselves before May 15 for the graduation PowerPoint. In addition, Principal Palacios sent an email asking students to register with MarchingOrder to make sure the pronunciation of a student’s name is correct.

“It sucks that seniors have either worked hard or hardly worked for a piece of paper that we won’t even get within our grasp from a member of the school’s staff. Prom, senior trip, other “great events” put together by the school and ASB all canceled from those who have gone through this thing we call high school and it sucks,” senior Matthew Lares said. 

According to the school’s website, for both Grad Nite and Prom, the school will automatically generate refunds that will be made and checks will be mailed to the email address associated with the student’s PowerSchool. By June 15, students should have gotten their checks, but if not, contact Nancy Hernandez at hernandez_nancy@ausd or call (626) 943-6530.