Moor vs Moor: Messi or Ronaldo?


Arguably the best soccer player of all time, Messi has proven year after year why he deserves to be considered the best. It is not only his goal scoring ability that sets him apart, but also his well-roundedness as an offensive player. He has won more than 30 trophies and a multitude of personal awards such as the Balón D’or, which is considered by many to be the most prestigious trophy a player can earn. Messi has won a total of 6 – a record amount. He has spent his professional career at Barcelona, where he had his debut at age 16, and has won the hearts of many fans in Spain and all over the world. He has also scored 622 goals in 714 games, along with 289 assists.
 Messi also holds records for most goals in a calendar year at 91, most goals in a season at 73 and most goals in a league season at 50. With Barcelona F.C., Messi has won 4 UEFA Champions League titles, 10 La Liga trophies and 6 Copa Del Reys. This is why he will go down in history.

 I have always believed that Cristiano Ronaldo is better than Lionel Messi for many reasons. Ronaldo is currently playing for Juventus from Italy and is having his best season so far with Juventus. Ronaldo was playing his best soccer when he was playing for Real Madrid but has moved on. Ronaldo’s best season was 2015-16 when he won the champions league with Real Madrid and won the euro with his national team Portugal. 
Ronaldo has scored 20 goals in 20 games, which is up to the standard of great players with his skillset, and better than any 20 game stretch Messi has put together. He has scored 343 goals in 454 games. Ronaldo is mainly known for scoring numerous goals with his weak foot and his head which are two difficult ways to score, but he makes it look easy. 
Ronaldo’s performance in international play is also much better than Messi’s. Although Ronaldo has great competition, his unique skill set and decorated career makes him the best player in soccer.