Softball Season in Full Swing


On Feb. 26 the girls softball team lost a match against Colony High School at Moor Field. The final score was 11-26. Although this was not an ideal start to their season, the Lady Moors still have plenty of time to improve for their future matches. 

After just one game so far, the team is currently at the bottom of the Almont Almont League standings, and are four games behind their rivals the Schurr Spartans. Many of the players, however, do not appear to be concerned about where they currently stand in the Almont League. 

“It’s not about what you lose or win at the end of the day, it’s about how hard you try and those that you spend time with,” junior Geraldi Cortina said. Because this is the start of a new season, many of the more experienced players are looking back on past seasons with a sense of nostalgia.

 “I was JV captain last year and I pitched almost every game,” Cortina said. “It was lots of fun and I enjoyed being around my teammates. No matter the wins or losses you’ll remember your teammates because they are what make it memorable.” 

The softball team has already formed into a close unit, so they are not likely to let one loss get them down. Although they are currently behind in the standings, the season has only just begun. 

“I feel confident in the group of girls  I get to call teammates and I believe we’re prepared to take on any team this year,” junior Priscila Hernandez said.

 Hopefully, the optimism and confidence expressed by the players carries into the rest of the season. The softball teams’ next game is a home game on March 9. They will be playing the Duarte Falcons at 3:30. The Falcons currently have a league record of 0-0 and an overall record of 0-4 which is comparable with Alhambra’s current record so the game should be a close match up.