Schools Change History Requirements


The North Carolina School Board has been on the edge of making the decision of lowering the required history classes needed in order to graduate. North Carolina currently requires four years of high school history classes to graduate. The new proposal would change this to three years of history and one year of personal finance. This is a bad idea. History is an important class and four years should be the norm across the country. 

The point of having a history class is to get educated on how the country works. Without this, the U.S. could see a decrease in political involvement as a result of lack of historical knowledge. Although personal finance classes could be beneficial, removing history classes could prevent teachers from having the time to focus on subjects that are often overlooked such as the history of Native Americans and African American history. 

Especially in the problematic Trump era, it is essential for decision making to be highly educated and backed with knowledge. Schools should always give the adequate requirements to ensure that the state of the nation can count on further growing and developing generations through learning from history. Young people should be educated and encouraged to get politically involved so they can potentially save the nation from any further harm and prevent past mistakes from happening again in the future.