High School Athletes should be tested for using PEDs

High school athletes are getting more attention because of social media. People are noticing their talent and amazing strength and athleticism. Some of these athletes have worked very hard to get to the level that they are in. However, there are some young athletes who use performance enhancing drugs to make themselves stronger than others.
Using steroids and other performance enhancing drugs has been a problem with athletes in the professional level for many years. It is unfair and unjust for high school athletes to be using steroids and not get caught. More school districts in America don’t bother testing these students whether they use performance enhancing drugs or not.
When these young athletes use PEDs they are harming their own bodies and putting their future in grave danger. There are many side effects that come into taking PEDs.
In addition, these people are extremely unfair to the other people who work hard everyday to get better at what they do. High school athletes dedicate so much time and sacrifice so many things so that they can be good at their sport. While students who use PEDs just take pills to be strong and athletic. It is completely unfair and must be put an end to as soon as possible.
There are thousands of high school athletes that use PEDs and don’t get caught. This is unfair to the other millions of teens who work hard for what they have. In addition, they are harming their own bodies. School districts need to begin testing students to see if they are on PEDs and so they can put a stop to this issue immediately.