Reflecting On The Season


The girl’s volleyball team has had a tough season this year but the Moors have strived to improve.The varsity team had their last home game Thursday Oct. 21 against Montebello High School. Alhambra had kept a steady score of 25-21 in the first quarter. As the game progressed, the intensity was felt all throughout the audience, but Montebello took the lead with a score of 25-15 in the second quarter. The Moors had lost in the end with a score of 3-0. As their volleyball season is coming to an end, the team reflected on their accomplishments throughout the season. For the seniors of the team, this would be their last time ever playing volleyball at Alhambra High School.
“I loved it, I got to play with my seniors that I have known for four years so it was pretty fun,” player Alexandra Magdaleno said. “There was a connection with all of us and we played pretty good so I do not regret how we played as a team.”
The volleyball team celebrated their seniors and recognized how different the season would be next year without their captains. However, the underclassmen of the team had a new sense of leadership to fill in the season to come.
“Throughout the season, I’ve learned that there is so much more that I can improve on,” player Feon Chen said. “My teammates inspire me to keep pushing and I hope to reach their level one day.”
Volleyball demands not only the fundamentals of the sport but also the ability to work as a team. The Moors have demonstrated that their game outcomes are based on the foundation of a strong bond that has grown between the girls. With a portion of the team graduating, it is important to remember the players that helped to shape the varsity girls volleyball team.
Their next away game is on Oct. 24 against Bell Gardens on at 3:30 pm.