CAASPP Exam Returns

EMILEE LIEN (Staff Writer)

Juniors and seniors recently finished taking the California Assessment of Student Performance and Progress (CAASPP) on April 22. Due to distance learning, students did not take this test last year. According to the CAASPP website, the assessment, consisting of both an English and mathematics section, is required to be taken by all students in California grades three to eight, and juniors in high school.

The exam, developed by the Smarter Balanced Assessment Consortia (SBAC) consists of an English and mathematics section for juniors. Seniors also took the California Science Test (CAST) on April 18-19.

Many students questioned if the test itself was necessary or an accurate measure of what they have learned.

“The math test did not integrate any subjects I learned this year— it was mostly lessons I learned in the past,” junior Anthony Diep said. “Due to this, it was quite easy, and I finished in under 30 minutes.”

The CAASPP consisted of both a performance task and a computer-adaptive test. Therefore, not all students were asked the same questions.

According to the California Teachers Association, while parents could have opted their child out of the testing, at least 95% of students must take the assessment. Students who missed a day of testing due to absence or other issues were given a makeup test.

On the CAASPP website, practice tests were offered. The rubrics and scoring guides for all grades were included in order to help students prepare for the levels of performance they needed to demonstrate. Despite this option, some students said they felt unprepared.

“We didn’t have access to a calculator,” junior Annika Del Mundo said. “It was difficult because it didn’t have problems that I learned in my math class.”

According to the official CAASPP website, results from this year’s test will be released some time between June and September.