Hua-nestly Speaking: A Final Farewell

SOPHIA HUA (Editor in Chief)

Whenever I look back on previous issues of the newspaper, I can’t help but recall the story behind each one. In our frantic rush to report on an event or share others’ stories, we created endless laughter and unforgettable memories. I can almost see them written like invisible ink on our publications––the times we threw paper coasters like frisbees while thinking of titles, walking down Third Street to find interviewees for videos, staying past sunset to finish edits and so much more. 

Most of all, I think of how grateful I am for getting to work with our incredible team. Thank you all for your hard work and dedication. And thank you, Ms. Naylor, for your support. 

Though the pandemic prevented us from printing any issues this year, our online articles and videos still hold their own unique memories which I hope will stick with us for years to come.