Stimulus Relief Package Still Undecided


Congress is attempting to pass a stimulus relief bill before the holidays in order to give aid to the public during the current pandemic. According to CNN, the new plan could potentially include help such as more unemployment benefits, funding for vaccines, and a chance for those who owe student loans to take a break from payments. However, as of Tuesday, Dec. 15, the bill may not include the $1,200 that the public was given back in March. Some disagree with this move.

“I think that as the entity responsible for keeping the United States running and its economy going great, it is extremely irresponsible and hypocritical of the government to refuse to continue issuing stimulus packages that match the amount of the $1,200 sent out,” sophomore Jialu Li commented. 

According to the HuffPost, Senators Bernie Sanders and Josh Hawley agree that the check should be included as part of the deal.

“What I want to make clear today is that this must be part of any COVID relief package and if there isn’t a COVID relief package, then I want a vote on this stand-alone legislation,” Hawley said.

The March stimulus included the $1,200 payments for individuals who make less than $75,000 a year. Families with children got more.

“I really feel that a full shut down of the country is needed in order to get the virus eradicated and get our economy running again,” personal finance teacher Larry Ambriz said. “We cannot afford to be going back and forth with shutdowns and restrictions.”

Early on Wednesday, CBS News reported that direct payments are likely to be included; however, the check will probably be in the $600 to $700 range per adult. This is not the previous $1,200 given out in March but negotiations are still underway. Members of Congress hope to come to an agreement on the stimulus before they break for the holidays.