Virtual Halloween

Each year, Halloween is an exciting time for families to dress up and head outside to gather as much candy as possible. Since COVID-19 continues to affect many people, everyone must socially distance as Halloween this will not be the same. Though there are limitations, it does not mean people cannot still celebrate while following safety guidelines. Since Halloween is right around the corner, there are still opportunities to bring spooky cheer to these current circumstances. It may seem difficult to find new ideas of what to do for this Halloween. However, listed below are some of the ideas everyone can do at home and still have that Halloween spirit. 

Halloween Activity: Making Spooky Decorations with friends

By: Ruby La

There are many exciting features that people enjoy about Halloween. One of the most notable would be putting up Halloween decorations to get in the spirit. Since the usual plan of trick-or-treating has most likely been postponed this year here are some fun decoration crafts you can do with friends. Try hosting a virtual contest with family and friends to see who can make the best Halloween decorations.

  1. Painting Pumpkins

Materials: Paint (acrylic), pumpkin, cup, paint brushes

  1. Fill the acquired cup with water, this will be used to clean paint from your brushes.
  2. (Optional) Paint a base color on your pumpkin
  3. Let your creativity run wild! Paint scary faces, pretty flowers, or whatever you desire on the pumpkins.
  4. (Optional) Hide your progress from each other and have a fun contest on who did a better job. 
  1. Make Glowing Decorations out of Paper Rolls

Materials: Paper rolls (can be acquired from toilet paper or paper towels) or paper and tape (if you can’t get the roll), glowsticks, scissors/ Exacto knife, pen

  1. Get your paper roll and use the pen to sketch an image. The image should be something that can be easily cut out like a silhouette. If you don’t have a paper roll, grab a sheet of paper and create a cylinder shape. Use the tape to secure the paper and proceed with creating your design.
  2. Use scissors or an Exacto knife to cut out your image.
  3. Lastly, crack a glowstick and place it inside the roll, the light from the glowstick should be illuminating the image you created.
  4. Turn off the lights and enjoy the eerie glow of your most recent creation. 

Virtual Halloween Costume Contest

By: Joseline Hernandez

One of the most exciting parts of Halloween is being able to have fun and dress up in costumes. There are endless possibilities of what people can dress up as such as any kind of superheroes, villains, princesses, mythical creatures and especially characters from horror movies. The only challenge is that through this pandemic there are limitations people must follow. Since everyone must stay at home, why not celebrate Halloween in the comfort of home? Try having a virtual Halloween party, or challenge friends and family to make a DIY costume with things that are lying around the house. People can start with old clothes that are in their closet and use some paints and scissors to make a costume of any character they want to bring to life. The contest can be made to show the one who had the most creative, scary, or cool costume and it will be so much fun to see how everyone decides to dress up.  

Virtual Scary Movie Marathon 

By: Trinity Duran

In the midst of this pandemic, everything from going to school to socializing has been temporarily moved online to follow safety guidelines. Being able to watch movies with family and friends has been one of the many things that has been put on hold. Especially during Halloween, watching scary movies with family and friends is essential. However, even though things have been pushed more to be online, there are ways everyone can still enjoy watching movies with loved ones virtually.

Using apps such as Netflix, Disney Plus, Zoom and many more platforms offer ways you can stream your favorite Halloween shows and movies. So why not have a scary movie marathon virtually with family and friends. It may seem hard trying to find the best scary movies to watch first, but here is a couple just to get started with. For those who want a family classic Halloween movie, there is “Hocus Pocus,” “Halloween Town,” “Beetlejuice,” “GhostBusters,” “Gremlins” and of course “The Nightmare Before Christmas.” There are also those really scary movies that keep people on the edge of their seats such as “The Shining,” “Poltergeist,” “The House of a Thousand Corpses,” “Children of the Corn,” “Candyland,” “Tooth Fairy,” and lastly “The Sandman.” All of these movies are perfect to have a scary movie marathon with, so grab a bag of popcorn and enjoy!