The Talk In Communications classes

In order to become successful in this competitive world, speaking and being able to clearly communicate with others is crucial. The ability to interact with others is essential to being successful in both the workforce and an individual’s daily life; therefore, assigning at least one year of communications class in high schools should most definitely be necessary. Through these classes, a student will develop the capacity to listen properly, confidence, problem-solving skills and much more.
Communication classes, including speech and debate, enable students to begin making their own logical opinions based on the information they are given. During a debate, one must be able to listen to the other side’s argument in order to refute their statements. This skill applies to the world outside of high school as well. In the workforce, individuals will need to have the ability to listen in order to carry out their tasks properly and form their own judgment on certain matters. Taking mandatory communications classes also push students to interact with many other students they do not know. Enforcing such an environment will allow students to explore with their communication skills whether it has to do with making friends or interacting between team members. In our current society, students spend more time with their heads down on their cell phones rather than talking to their peers. This hampers them the opportunity to develop abilities that are crucial in the real world. Assigning a mandatory year of communications classes is a way this problem can be solved.
Aside from speech and debate, other classes, such as drama, could help with developing confidence and oratory skills. According to USA Today College, communication classes help one face fears, and replace that fear with confidence. Reciting monologues in front of the whole class enables students to acquire a stronger articulation as well as a stronger voice. Not only will an increase of confidence be evident through a person’s voice, but also body language. Skills including implementation of appropriate facial expressions, having correct posture and composure as well as being confident enough to look a person in the eye, are all crucial when it comes to communication. A year of drama class can change a student’s perspective and allow them to gain exposure to public speaking, which will prove to be beneficial
Mandating a year of communications classes in high school can improve a student’s chances of becoming the best versions of themselves. Giving them a better chance of becoming successful in the future paths they choose to pursue later on in life. The most essential life skills can be taught from communications classes making them memorable within an individual’s high school experiences.