Several States File Lawsuit

Eighteen states, including California, have filed a lawsuit against the Secretary of Education Betsy DeVos because of a delay of regulations that were meant to protect students from being defrauded by colleges. The lawsuit filed accuses DeVos of illegally delaying the regulations placed by the Obama Administration which were aimed at predatory colleges in order to help students from being cheated by for-profit schools. Economics and Government teacher Mr. Huynh said “ DeVos concerns should be with the students and not the origin of the bill.” DeVos argues that the regulations put taxpayers at risk for significant costs. The original regulations were established and finalized by the Obama administration and have been in effect since July. The Trump administration as a whole is also facing a lawsuit on behalf of two students who claim they were defrauded by the New England Institute of Art. Betsy DeVos’ delay of rules violates the Administrative Procedure Act which governs the way in which administrative agencies can propose and establish regulations.
“Secretary DeVos has sided with for-profit school executives against students and families drowning in unaffordable student loans” Attorney General Maura Healey said, “Her decision to cancel vital protections for students and taxpayers is a betrayal of her office’s responsibility and a violation of federal law.”
The Obama administration’s push to expand the “borrower-defense process” came after hundreds of for-profit colleges were accused of fraud and collapsed, leaving their enrolled students with huge debts and no degrees. In a statement, DeVos called the rules placed by the Obama administration “a muddled process that’s unfair to students and schools,” and said she would establish a new rulemaking committee to reconsider the matter from scratch.