Everyday Heroes

Features Issue 17

Jesse Rosales
Staff Writer

Heroes do not only save cities from alien invasions, they are the people who take part in everyday good deeds. Whether it is volunteering to clean a local river, running food drives or acting as our role models, actions by everyday people change the world for the better.  It is easy to underestimate the power of one person’s influence. Everybody has people in his or her life who make positive impacts. A friend or parent, a sibling or teacher, whoever they are, students across campus tell their story of an everyday hero! Students have their own ideas of an everyday hero.

“A hero is a someone who is courageous and brave. He or she can stand up for what they believe and won’t let people down, like Martin Luther King, Jr. He continued to fight for equality even [after being] arrested several times.”
– Sophomore Scott Klein

“Dorothy Vaughan is a heroine because she made a positive impact on… society. NASA was able to send people to the moon mainly because of her contributions. Especially since before, there were no computers yet and because she was an African American woman who worked in the science field during the time of the Civil Rights Movement.” – Senior Samantha Jones

“I think that heroes… value the needs of those that surround them. So, they should have the capacity to think not only for themselves but for those around them too, whether [the people] are dear to them or not.” – Sophomore Andrea Primicias

“There’s a man at Costco named Jesus and when he helped this old lady, he didn’t ask for anything in return. She tried to give him money but he wouldn’t take it.”
– Sophomore Winston Yan

“In my opinion, anyone has the makings of a daily hero. Sometimes a hero doesn’t even have to be a person… that daily supplies us with assistance or happiness in times of demand. From a parent that drives you to school to the janitor that stays late to clean each room. Right now, my everyday hero is my mom for her daily sacrifices and for her being able to put up with [my siblings and I] every day.”
– Junior Abigail Goy

What makes a hero is someone who has to make tough decisions and… sacrifices. It’s brutal and that’s what makes someone a hero. [For instance,] my mom is my hero because she had to make sacrifices and helped raise me and helped me become who I [am] today.” -Sophomore Shirley Magee

“Everyday heroes are everywhere, from that guy holding the door for you or some stranger helping you pick something up from the floor. And it’s not always physical help either. A word of encouragement or some comfort from anyone goes a long way. In general, we are all everyday heroes, making each other’s lives more tolerable in our own little ways.”- Junior Jerry Kwan

“When I say that a hero is always there for you when you need help, I think that a hero is there to help you and support you if you’re struggling with something and they’re there to lift you up and get you over all the bad things in your path. I think that a hero won’t leave your side until they know for sure that you’ll be fine and you’re taken care of.”- Freshman Danielle Luna