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Crossing the Caro-line: Breathe Before Diving

CAROLINE REN Editor in Chief Some of us spend so much time slacking off that finishing an assignment punctually becomes an accomplishment; conversely, some of us work ourselves to the point that we are almost always physically, emotionally and mentally exhausted, too drained to enjoy hobbies and simple pleasures we …

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Mandatory Voting: Our Responsibilities as Citizens

JOSEPH NEY-JUN Staff Writer The U.S. Constitution outlines the rights of its citizens, but it also outlines their duties and responsibilities. One of them is to participate in the democratic process; however, according to the Washington Post, in 2014 the U.S. saw its lowest voter turnout rate since 1942. If …

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Church Approval of Same Sex Marriage Advances LGBT Equality

AMBER LI Staff Writer On March 18, the Presbyterian Church of the U.S.A. recognized gay marriage as part of the Christian constitution. According to Yahoo News, the church became the largest Protestant group to authorize gay weddings, take effective June 21. When a large and influential Christian church accepts same-sex …

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Exide Late to Exit Battery Recycling Plant

DEREK WU Staff Writer Over a decade ago in Vernon, California, Exide Technologies opened a battery recycling plant to recycle lead found in batteries. According to the Exide Technologies company website, they recycle 99 percent of all lead received at their recycling plants and they currently have three battery recycling …

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No ‘Ho’lding back: Zaytuna Carries Torch for Muslim Education

ELTON HO Copy Editor Upon reviewing one unique California school, WASC Senior Vice President Richard Winn called it a “life-transforming experience.” He wasn’t referring to AHS, but to a school equally as impressive: Zaytuna College. In March, Zaytuna became the first Islamic university in the U.S. to be accredited by …

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Success Fees Limit Opportunities for Low Income Students

AMBER LI Staff Writer Since 2014, all California State Universities (CSUs) charge students annual fees, called student success fees, to fund classes, faculty, college programs and more. The fees were enacted as a solution to state budget cuts and as a way to avoid tuition increases. Yet, student success fees …

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