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MOOR VS. MOOR: Public or Private Colleges?

PUBLIC DEREK WU Staff Writer The months of March and April are typically the time when seniors decide what they want to do with their lives. Seniors who choose to attend a four-year university will have to choose between two paths in life: private or public universities. One factor that …

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MOOR VS. MOOR: Should There Be Rewarding Trophies For Everyone?

BRIANA THAI Staff Writer Athletes are constantly working hard to prove their potential, always attending practice and balancing their priorities, but what happens when they don’t win? Athletes are always taught that when they work hard, it will pay off, but that is hard to believe when despite trying their …

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MOOR VS. MOOR: Coach suspension justified?

WILLIAM RODRIGUEZ Staff Writer The record-setting win of 161-2 for the Arroyo Valley Girls’ basketball team against Bloomington High School led to the suspension of Arroyo Valley’s head coach, Michael Anderson. The performance by the girls was deemed poor sportsmanship and questioned Anderson’s coaching in terms of morals. With a …

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MOOR vs. MOOR: In-State or Out-of-State Colleges?

In-State SUSANNA AIGA Opinions Editor A new measure of freedom is expected as we enter adulthood, but sometimes these possibilities and the pressure to choose wisely can overwhelm us. Choosing to attend an in-state or out-of-state college for the next four years is an especially difficult decision to make. Although …

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