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Brian Williams’ Necessary Abeyance

AMBER LI BARRY CHUENG Staff Writers On Feb. 10, NBC news anchor and veteran journalist Brian Williams was suspended for six months without pay for falsifying a story he had covered in Iraq in 2003. His suspension and the negative light he received were well-deserved for the dishonest stories he …

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AIGAT YOUR BACK: Vindication for All Victims

SUSANNA AIGA Opinions Editor According to the Huffington Post, upon surviving a traumatic experience, “To move on with your life, you must break away from identifying yourself as a victim and transcend this experience by becoming a survivor.” The term “victim” is so loaded with negative stereotypes and a certain …

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U.S. & the Middle East: Rectifying Our Mistakes

JOSEPH NEY-JUN Staff Writer The Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant (ISIL), formerly known as ISIS, was relatively unheard of among most people until videos of executions by decapitation began circulating the Internet. The victims have been American citizens and those of other countries. This and other terrorist threats …

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Scientific Climate Modification: ‘Weather’ or not?

DEREK WU Staff Writer “It’s hot!” is often said in California and other states, especially in recent years as the temperature has been rising due to constant burning of fossil fuels in the U.S. Burning fossil fuels releases carbon dioxide and contributes to the “greenhouse blanket” that causes temperatures to …

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Michelle Obama Headscarf Dispute Reveals Poor Journalism

AMBER LI Staff Writer Saudi Arabia is one of the few countries in the world where women are required by law to cover their heads. As stated in Religion Dispatches, women wear headscarves for religious reasons and to show signs of modesty, intelligence and purity. Since it is practiced by …

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