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Moor Views: What is your opinion on the proposal SCA-5? Why?

KESIA ENG Sophomore “[…] the bill is making people believe that our race will more likely determine our acceptance into a school rather than our hard work and efforts put into our overall high school performance. Doesn’t it also destroy the “American Dream”? Some families have given up almost everything …

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WRITE OR WONG – Barbie: A Setback to Female Empowerment

KAYIU WONG Staff Writer Every year, Sports Illustrated (SI) releases their annual Swimsuit Issue in recognition of the swimsuit industry. Featuring fashion models wearing swimsuits at beach locales, the edition is perhaps one of the most hyped up issues of the year. However, this year’s edition brought even more commotion. …

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Women’s Empowerment

REBECCA ZENG Staff Writer Disney Channel’s well known sitcom The Suite Life of Zack and Cody once said,“Girls can do anything boys can do, and [they] can do it while wearing high heels.” In the past, women’s roles were viewed unfairly: in ancient Rome, women were only seen as wives …

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The Road Away From Home

ELTON HO Staff Writer In 1848, about 300 U.S. women and 40 men gathered in Seneca Falls for the very first women’s rights convention, calling for change in women’s social conditions. After over a century of protests and reforms, the U.S. Congress met in 1981 to request that a week …

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Past Women Educating Today

JANET GUAN Copy Editor Women have come far in their efforts to be treated as equals to the opposite gender. Decades ago, women still did not have the most basic rights. Yet, even with these roadblocks, females of the past still shaped our experiences in education. Some major women who …

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