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Beating the Odds

ELTON HO Staff Writer “Smoking is bad for you! Stay away from drinking! And don’t even think about using drugs.” These often repeated assertions aim to instill essential values into youths, and it seems like they have been taken to heart. In the past decade, smoking and substance abuse have …

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A Drop in the Dependency

REBECCA ZENG Staff Writer Almost every student is warned not to take drugs or smoke cigarettes. Statistics, shown through PowerPoint slides and lectures, warn us against the dangers of drug use. However, recent studies by HealthDay News claim that less than 20 percent of Americans still smoke cigarettes. This is …

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Lights! Camera! Quit!

SYLVIA WINSTON Features Editor Drew Barrymore once said, “Life is very interesting […] in the end, some of your greatest pains become your greatest strengths.” She began smoking cigarettes at the age of nine and was drinking alcohol by the time she was eleven. Barrymore has successfully and gracefully overcome …

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