Varsity Track and Field Pacing Through Their Pre-season


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As the temperature picks up and the rain dims down, various spring sports teams begin to prepare for their upcoming seasons. One sport in particular, the Alhambra varsity track and field team, has been working tirelessly since their pre-season practices began in the middle of December. With their first meet coming up, the players on both the field and the track set their personal goals for the season.

“My goals beginning this season [are] breaking my personal record in at least one of my events, such as the [one mile],” senior Distance Captain Donovan Zavala said. “We are looking pretty well as a team so I believe we’re going to [be successful] on Saturday.”

With a new season comes new players to the team. This year’s newcomers seem to be adapting and working well alongside the returners. The coaches and captains often see newcomers as an opportunity to get the most out of the team as a whole. Teamwork is often the most important thing in a sport. Without a team, a player does not have the necessary influence to reach their individual potential.

“There are a good amount of new throwers,” junior Throwing Captain Allen Sasso said, “I am looking forward to seeing how their first year of throwing goes for them individually. Hopefully they are in it for the long run and come back next year.”

Looking ahead seems to be a common thread among the various events of track and field. Some of the groups have been preparing for the season by attending all-comer meets. These meets pushed them to strengthen their skills and allowed newcomers to have a taste for the competition. As with most sports, the team’s long-term goal is make it to CIF at the end of the season. Competing allows the team to have an early advantage over other teams.

“Pre-season has been great so far,” Zavala said, “[We have] been practicing since winter break, so I feel ready [for the season]. I’m striving to make it to CIF alongside the runners we have this year. I have a good feeling we’re going to do great this season.”

The players are expecting the best for themselves, individually and as a team. The primary goal of most of the players is to surpass their personal records and create new ones.

“The players this year are working very well alongside the returners,” Sasso said, “We expect success in our first meet and for the rest of the season. More practice and hard work leads to more wins.”

Hopefully, the team is fortunate enough to carry out their plans and accomplish their various goals. With new talent combined with the returning players, the season is sure to be full of promise.

Track and Field Speeds Through League Season Victoriously

MOOR photo by AAQIL KHAN LEAP OF FAITH Varsity 110 hurdler Jessie Weng competes against Montebello on April 13. Alhambra girls’ varsity track and field team remains undefeated, with their next meet on April 20 against Bell Gardens.

LEAP OF FAITH Varsity 110 hurdler Jessie Weng competes against Montebello on April 13. Alhambra girls’ varsity track and field team remains undefeated, with their next meet on April 20 against Bell Gardens.

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The Moors co-ed varsity track and field team has finally jumped into their league season. After three months of hard work in the preseason, the Moors have begun to take on challenges with a good spirit and a league record of 3-0.
The team’s league season started with their first meet on March 24 against Keppel. The Aztecs came to Alhambra High to participate in a series of competitions including sprints, hurdles, distance, jumping and throwing. The Moors won almost all of the races against, including sweeping all places for distance. The final score for varsity was 90-26 for boys and 116-10 for girls.
“It definitely showed our hard work [to] see how we’ve come through and how now we can beat Keppel because we trained hard,” sophomore relay runner Dylan Chen said.
On April 6, the Moors faced the Schurr Spartans at a home meet. The Spartans put up a much harder fight with many athletes taking top places in their events. The Moors pushed their limits and the girls ultimately won 70-57; the boys unfortunately lost 101-26.
The team’s most recent track meet was on April 13 against the Montebello Oilers. The Moors varsity boys and girls took the victory for this meet.
As the new head coach, Mike Mackintosh has great expectations of his team.
“Our goals for the remainder of the season [are] to compete the rest of our meets, go to prelims and try our best there to get as many people as we can to league finals. And then from league finals get some runners into CIF,” Mackintosh said.
Coach Mackintosh wants his team to make it far into the league season and beyond to win some big events.
The varsity track and field team is doing a great job winning their races and hopes to continue this season with high spirits. Their next meet will be at home on April 20 against Bell Gardens.

Track and Field Ends on a Strong Note


AHS track and field sprinters look toward
their final meet vs. San Gabriel High School on April 30.


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With an overall record of 2-4 for both the varsity boys’ and the girls’ program, the track and field team took fourth place in league. The season ended on a positive note because a good amount of personal records such as long jumps and sprinting were broken this season. However, while placing fourth in league, only individuals in the program will be able to qualify for California Interscholastic Federation playoffs.

“We’ve had people hit personal records here and there, but overall our team did not see a significant improvement. Our strongest events would be sprints [and] jumps. Anyway, things happen and our current focus is trying to place for Almont League,” long jumper senior Patrick Cheng said.

While the season is coming towards an end, many seniors will be graduating, leaving many spots available for underclassmen to step up. With shoes to fill, underclassmen continue to practice throughout this season for their league finals.

“Track this year was definitely a great experience and it has exceeded my expectations! When someone questions me why I would run for fun, I tell them that track is not just a tedious running workout; track is commitment and improvement. By putting in extra work, I think I will continue to strive as a varsity runner and make those who believe in me proud,” freshman hurdler Trinity Tieu said.

Of those who will be leaving a legacy behind at Alhambra High, many seniors have continued to strive to break records or be eligible to place in CIF. For most, the season ended on May 6th and May 9th after Almont League Prelininaries and Finals, respectively. Those who exceed in their individual events will prolong their season in playoffs.

Track and Field Striding Diligently For League Title


Varsity discus thrower, May Win, attempts her first throw against Schurr High School
in a Almont league match on Thursday, April 2.


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Having practices everyday after school to work on individual and team efforts, the Alhambra track and field program is currently tied for first place against Schurr, Montebello and Bell Gardens.

“The season is going very well so far.  Each school is tied at 1-1 so I think we can still try for league champs.  I think we need to work on our mentality,” distance runner Yaneli Guajardo said.”  “A lot of the rival schools we race are very aggressive and headstrong, but we have been practicing very hard.  We are no longer fearful, but instead we are ready to win,”

The girls’ practice meticulously with challenging and serious drills to help each individual can hit their best times even when they are struggling.

The boys also have a current record of 1-1 meaning league championships are up for grabs and the boys’ will have to win out in order to do so.  As 2015 comes close to an end, spring sports such as track and field are eager to be able to win league championships.

“The season is going great, We expect to either win league or be runner up this year.  Our practices were very effective this year as proven by all the personal records [that have been broken this year].  However, we must focus more on techniques, and instill greater confidence to the team in order to win league this year,” sprint captain Ryan Liang said.

Both the boys and the girls are neck-to-neck with other schools so in order to advance to be eligible for league title, both teams will have to push, knocking out the other competitions making them closer to first place.  If the Moors make it to at least third place, both teams will be able to qualify for California Interscholastic Federation.


Track and Field Begins Season With a Head Start



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Having recently placed in two non-league meets and two invitationals, the track and field team have experienced several meets in preparation for meets against league rivals. For events such as shot put, the team took first, second and third place, sweeping the competition.

“League is starting with a meet against Mark Keppel next Thursday so we need to continue to train hard and stay focused on our goal: league finals. Our relay teams have much more room to improve by working on handoffs and block starts. With that said, progress can only come if teammates remain committed to their responsibilities,” senior long jumper Patrick Cheng said.

The team has done well in other events as well. For long jumps, triple jumps and high jumps, the boys have been placing first, second, third and fourth with multiple placing. From the varsity boys team, senior hurdler Simon Poon had first in their two meets for 300 meter hurdles.

“As a team I hope we win as many meets as possible especially against our biggest rival [Schurr] so we can win league title again,” senior hurdler Eugene Luk said.

With the boys tenaciously practicing to beat opposing schools, the girl’s track and field team diligently share the field with the boys in hopes of doing just as well. With freshmen joining every year, the coaching staff has to be able to teach the new members of the team tips in order to be a successful player.

“Having track practice every day and meets every week is tough but once you’re committed, it all seems worth it in the end. The pressure is real knowing that you’re one of the very few girls in sprints but I am optimistic for this year’s season because knowing that there are very few of us here, we try our best to represent our blue and gold pride,” freshman sprinter Trinity Tieu said.

While the team anxiously practices for league, the team prepares for their next match this Thursday against Mark Keppel as their Almont opener. The girl’s track and field squad puts on a pokerface as two of Alhambra’s all-league runners are still running for our school.