Girls’ Tennis Reconciles Losses to Difficult Teams

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The JV girls’ tennis team finished their preseason with a 2-5 record, with their last game against Temple City ending with a 5-12 score.
Their losing scores were at an approximate 1:2 set ratio, with the exception of the match against San Marino which was a 2-16 loss. The game against Rosemead neared its end at a 9-9 set tie-breaker, but ended in a loss since the other previous team had won more games during those sets. According to JV Captain Mimi Lai, what attributed most to the losses was their adaption to certain playing styles.
“[The opponents’] playing style was different; we got caught off guard,” said Lai.
However, JV Head Coach Bill Yee noted that the team’s efforts were not in vain. Their summer practice led them to win games at a 2:1 set ratio and the collective games set a new bar for their Almont League season.
“It is always better to play against harder teams because that’s how we improve,” said Yee.
Although preseason games does not have any effect over the League standings, Yee is confident in the team’s ability to do well in League now that they know what to expect from other schools in the future.

Fooball Strives to Improve Under Head Coach Zall


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In this fall season of high demand for athletic leadership, a more than willing supply has stepped up in response. Finishing off the latest lineup of the football coaching body, James Zall has filled the position of head coach of the JV team.

As a former JV coach at South Pasadena High School and an instructional aide here at Alhambra, Zall joined the Moors football program following the resignation of coach Joseph Brambilla. After a rigorous summer training, Zall has established a bond with the team which he feels is essential to the coaching philosophy set in mind, along with frequent in-field demonstrations.

“He can be a real loose guy, but when it comes to discipline, he’s very strict,” said new defensive end William Burrows.

Zall acknowledges the players’ reciprocal excitement in being a part of the team. In spirit of the JV program, improvement is amongst the most important objectives for both coach and player.

“They have a drive to be a part of this team and [they] want to consistently get better. They love what they do, which helps me to love what I do,” said Zall.

After a few preseason losses, Zall still holds strong in taking the team as far into the Almont League as they can.

Lady Moors Prove Their Worth Under New Coach


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The JV girls’ volleyball players are trained with the goal of reaching varsity-level games set in their mind. This fall season marks the start of a journey as the Lady Moors begin playing their first games after nearly six months of off-season practice.

Thrown in the mix  is a new coach, Tiffany Huang, who is coaching high school volleyball for the first time and already pulling the team into a cohesive, competitive unit.

“We’ve been practicing passing and rotations since April. I can see that there have been many improvements in the team from these drills,” said setter Tracy Yoshimizu.

Months of hard work reach its peak now that the team enters the season. Now, the question of whether or not they practiced enough will be answered, as they approach the all-important Almont League games.

“If we work really hard we have a chance to make it, but if we don’t we can fail. We have some communication issues where we don’t talk enough on the court but we are training to fix that,” said Yoshimizu.

Along the way, coach Huang mentors the girls and supports them through every moment. Although this is her first year with the team, she shows dedication and heart.

“This season we are rebuilding the program and working on their skills and commitment,” said Huang.


The spirited JV baseball team is well on their way to carry on Alhambra’s baseball legacy for yet another year. With an undefeated 7-0 Almont League record so far, the boys are also getting great preparation for the varsity level, which many will move on to next year.

“We started off slow, but now the players have more of an idea [of] where they’re at,” said Assistant Coach Hirwin Magana. “Pitching has been getting better, and their hitting has been getting stronger and stronger.”

New to coaching the JV level, Magana has observed outstanding growth in his players from coaching them in the freshmen team in previous years. With the progress they are making this season, he sees that they are improving yet again for next year’s level.

After a 10-1 win against their biggest rivals, the Montebello Oilers, the team has gained much confidence for the rest of League until they face them again. Their victory serves as an early indicator of the strong competition they will bring about again at the end of season.

“It’s a different game each time we play against [Montebello]. We try to pump up our players even more every time so we stay focused [against them],” said Magana.

According to Magana, there are at least four freshmen already capable of playing at the varsity level. With both levels practicing together, varsity Head Coach Steve Gewecke has high expectations for incoming players next year. At the rate they are going, the team expects to make for another outstanding season and win the League title once again.

by Vincent Lin

Co-Sports Editor


The JV softball team stepped onto Moor Field for their second Almont League game on April 15, winning the game with a 10-0 victory, with a preseason record of 8-1. After being League champions last year, they are anticipating yet another exciting year, aiming to claim their second consecutive League championship.

This was the first time the team played against the San Gabriel Matadors. Head Coach Cassie Vasquez wanted the girls to take pride as Lady Moors, and because it is their second league game, she especially wanted the girls to raise the standard high.

“Our second time playing against San Gabriel will be better because we’ll know what offense and defense we need, and we can compare the strategies used from last year,” said Vasquez.

Vasquez has been coaching for three years now. She teaches the girls exactly how she was taught in high school and college. According to Vasquez, the team can improve mainly on adjusting to hitting and pitching the ball. She notes that throughout the entire game, the team usually improves during the second inning.

“We have good team spirit and communication. I’m looking forward to the girls dominating the game and playing like they do during practice,” said second baseman Samantha Ryckman.

According to Beltran, the Lady Moors did a fairly decent job. She believes that the most important thing  they need to improve is on the way they bat, especially trying to hit the ball a little further.

by Angelyne Chu

Staff Writer

Boys’ Tennis

Boys’ Tennis

The boys’ varsity tennis team enters the 2010 season on a positive foot. With a 4-3 preseason record, and their latest victory against Pasadena on March 16 with a score of 16-2, the Moors are displaying their potential for a hopeful season.

Head Coach Jeff Levie is no amateur when it comes to coaching Alhambra tennis. With more than six years of coaching Alhambra boys tennis experience at hand, his coaching style is well revered by his players.

“Coach Levie has always been a great coach as he works on our consistency and drills techniques and forms into use”, said doubles  player Richard Nguyen. “He knows what we do wrong and fixes it.”

Due to Coach Levie’s familiarity with the boys’ tennis team, the Moors have a strong bond, and communication between the staff and players is great. According to Nguyen, one of the strong points for the team this year is playing smart on the courts and having great team chemistry. However, this does not mean that the team is perfect. Nguyen also pointed out that they really need to work on not over-powering their shots and going for too much.

As long as the team has their composure down and play “smart,” the Moors will definitely have a shot to be a contender in League.

by Victor Huang

Co-Sports Editor



Another season for the track and field team was set off with a great start by the Moors’ victory against Rosemead in the March 11 track meet. There are 120 members on the team this season, including several new recruits.

After losing a nine-year winning streak against Schurr last season, the team is dedicated to regaining the championship title. By being more focused, the Moors anticipate heading in that direction.

“I can never really tell [what’s going to happen],” said frosh-soph runner Kevin Wu. “We’ll just have to see what we can improve and work on.”

The competition is marked by the two teams’ equivalent abilities in the Almont League, as Schurr is always the concluding opponent in each season.

“I think Alhambra can make it to the League championships, but not to State,” said Distance Coach Steve Morales, “[Our division] would have to go through some extremely difficult stages and [have] a lot more talent than the other divisions.”

However, according to Morales, there are more talented members in different aspects of the sport this season. Most members are looking forward to making Alhambra one of the top track teams in the League while surpassing their personal records.

by Johnny Huynh

Staff Writer

Torrential Rains Keep Soccer From Scoring

Here in LA, we experienced a massive rainstorm that seemed to flood our entire world just a couple weeks ago. Subsequently, the AHS soccer team had to endure the inconveniences that ten inches of rain imposed. The boys’ soccer team has played two Almont League games this season before having another two games postponed due to poor weather.

Coming out of preseason with a 6-2-1 record, the boys had prospects for a successful League run.

“We did well in preseason and won six  games which is the best start I’ve seen since being here,” said Head Coach Netza Bravo.

However, the boys have lost their first two League games to Bell Gardens and San Gabriel. Also, after the initial losses, the team has not been able to bring up their record due to the poor conditions.

“At Bell Gardens, we were completely out-played and out-hustled, so we didn’t deserve to win that game. At San Gabriel, I believe that we were the better team, but we couldn’t score, so we let [the victory] get away,” said Bravo.

Based on their performance at the San Gabriel game, the team plans to step up their defense and ability to score goals at opportune moments to avoid similar losses.

“We have a great defense, but we don’t have an offense. We open up chances to score but never finish,” said mid-fielder Cesar Ortiz.

However, it is too early in the season to be discouraged, as the team has six more games before playoffs to turn their record around.

by James Ho

Co-Copy Editor

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