Varsity Boys’ Water Polo Treads Through Preseason

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During the water polo team’s recent matches against Sierra Vista and Burroughs High School, AHS varsity athletes saw firsthand how the difference between winning and losing is often decided by the slimmest of margins.

Both games, on Sept. 26 and Oct. 1, resulted in close scores, but ultimately losses in the end. Currently, the team’s preseason record stands at 1-8.

“We have the speed and endurance when it comes to swimming. We need to improve on being faster [and] getting down high corner shots,” captain Daniel Lindley said.

Improving offensive tactics, working around opponent goalies and executing shooting plays have been main focuses during practice.

Nonetheless, defensive tactics have proven to be the strongest attribute of the team. According to Head Coach Adrian Lopez, the players tie in ball stealing and handling skills very well with set and point defense. In turn, the varsity water polo team’s defense has become a force to be reckoned with.

“We are constantly playing schools with ample substitutes and our defense usually makes their numbers count for nothing,” Lopez said.

JV Football Team ‘Rushes’ Into Season

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As the season progresses with conference play looming around, Head Coach Rich Apriesio leads the JV football team with a specific plan. He has implemented a new offensive system that the players have adjusted to. Even though they maintain a losing record, the Moors earned an impressive 48-0 win against the LA Wilson Mighty Mules.

“It’s great working with [the players],” Apriesio said. “They are catching on in a new system that we’re teaching.”

Since league games are up ahead, the team practices daily to install new plays both on offense and defense. According to Apriesio, the team’s strength is their running attack because they have a great running back through team captain Joey Santana.

“Besides the running game, our team is very strong and physical,” Santana said. “It’s a great experience as a captain of this football team.”

The players have said nothing but good things about this football team, especially the coach. According to Santana, the team believes that he is a smart coach who knows what he is talking about.
The team’s first league game is on Oct. 10 against Bell Garden at Moor Field.

Girls’ Golf ‘Putting’ in Work ‘Fore’ Season

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Fore! You better duck, because no one wants to be hit by a golf ball during practice.

The AHS girls’ golf team has entered their second season of competition after Title IX was established last year. The team currently participates in competitions as a freelance school, playing against several schools in the surrounding San Gabriel Valley area, including South Pasadena, San Marino and Bishop Amat High Schools. They currently hold a season record of 0-3.

The Moors are currently being led by Head Coach Luis Brambila, whom is also a physical education teacher at AHS.

“For this season, we expect to improve in our game and ability, […] we have players that work hard and enjoy the game of golf,” Brambila said.

The team practices daily from 3:15 p.m. to 5:30 p.m. at the Almansor Park Golf Course where they work on techniques such as putting, chipping, playing on sand and hitting drives.

“Our goal is to practice as best as we can to be better recognized as a sport [at AHS],” senior Sabrina Pacheco said.

The team consists of a very small roster, since it is only in its second year after it was established. The girls claim that this small roster helps them build close relationships to form a better team which in turn results in better performance on the course. The players asserted that the game of golf is not only one played against opponents, but also against the course.

“Golf is a game in which you compete against the course, and depending on the difficulty of the course, the outcome is your score, which is compared to the opposing team’s score,” sophomore Amanda Beeal said.

Cross Country Continues to Work Hard for League

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As preseason continues for cross country, the team anxiously waits for their first Almont League race. Head Coach Sandra Rodriguez expects great results when it comes to the first league race at Legg Lake on Wednesday, Oct. 2 considering the team had ran two preseason races already.

“I think they will have great races and will work together as a team and accomplish first or second in league,” Rodriguez said.
To prepare for races, the team explains that there are steps to follow for a successful race. The day before a race, it is important to receive a good stretch and eat carbohydrates for energy.

Rodriguez also emphasizes that in order to run a good race it is necessary to have a good warmup and strides on the day of the race because the body needs to warm the heart.

Also, after losing so many vital seniors last year, many freshmen runners have been moved to the varsity in order to help the varsity team accomplish their goal of winning league. “

We have lost and gained good runners, but other than that, we still have the same goal in mind that we will hopefully accomplish,” sophomore Vivyana Prado said.

Varsity Boys’ Water Polo Triumphs and Progresses into Season

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“Epic.” That’s the word junior set player Brandon Wong used to describe the varsity boys’ water polo team’s first win. On Sept. 16, the team defeated Roosevelt High School after going into triple overtime and ended with a score of 21-20. The varsity preseason record is currently at 1-4 and the team members continues their hard work to strengthen themselves for the fast approaching matches.

“Before, it was mostly about getting physically fit and being able to do the exercises. But now, it’s actually about the tactics, how to play smarter [and] how to be aggressive in a way where we can play to our strengths,” varsity captain Wesley Han said.

In the eyes of Head Coach Adrian Lopez, the team’s defense is a main attribution to victory.

“We are now reacting to the ball much quicker; our Moor style defense in constantly distrusting the offense [and] is putting us in contention to win games,” Lopez said.

On the other hand, having a scarce number of varsity players is holding the team back.

“The teams we play are well established schools with pools at their school, […] a summer league and usually […]a varsity with enough substitutes to have two varsity teams,” Lopez said.

With one player currently injured and one ineligible to play, the eight varsity players on the team play full out for all four quarters.

Regardless, the obstacle of not having a fully stacked lineup is not stopping the boys from maintaining their goals to improve offense, increase communication and execute shots during preseason.

Freshman Girls’ Volleyball Team Dives Through Preseason

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Volleyball is a sport that consists of hitting, passing and teamwork, but to the freshmen team, chemistry is much more important to than other factors. For some, volleyball is a new sport before entering high school, but for others, it is different.

“I [have played volleyball] but it was just in PE. It’s different from the other sports I [have] played, because it involves a lot of communication, footwork, chemistry and timing,” freshman defensive specialist Julie Han said.

Through experience, “They’ve adapted to each other by becoming a team. Sure, the girls [goes] to school together, but team chemistry is much different from a friendship. It is similar to being a family and always helping someone who is [falling behind] to get back up,” said freshman coach Ashley Arase said.

The freshman girls’ volleyball preseason record is 0-3 after a defeat against Arroyo, but the team moves on as it is a lesson to be learned. They believe practicing on their passes and improving in communication skills are essentials to “get the game going.”

Preseason is still early, but Arase is giving the team full attention and working diligently to make sure that, by the time league starts, the team will be prepared.

Varsity Girls Volleyball Approach For a Successful Preseason

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With this year’s Lady Moors physically and mentally ready, they aim to have a successful preseason by practicing diligently. With nine seniors leaving this past season, the new varsity players have a different perspective from the intensity of junior varsity and varsity.

“In JV, practices weren’t as stressful because [of] Coach Tiffany. Coach Tiffany is known for her relaxed and funny personality, and it really shows through during practices. In JV, we developed a bond as friends because we all share laughs and jokes from time to time. In varsity, it’s a different story, with [Head Coach] Charles [Tran] coaching us we […] have the responsibility to ourselves to not fool around and we need to train with great effort and with the correct mentality,” junior libero Carol Chen said.

While it is only preseason and the Moors have a record of 1-3, Tran is using this preseason to help the team out in order to have a successful Almont League.

“Preseason is a good time to see which groups of players works best. The main goal of the preseason is to make progress and be ready for league. We constantly work on fundamentals during practice. The [three] elements that make a good practice are being prepared mentally and physically, being self-disciplined, and giving [the] best effort you are capable of. The girls work hard and [this upcoming season should be very exciting],” Tran said.

With Tran being confident in his team, and with all the extra practices he’s put in into the Lady Moors throughout the summer and the beginning of school, the Moors attempt to take one team at a time while progressively getting better in order to have a successful league season.

JV Boys’ Water Polo Shooting to Win

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Daily practices are like clockwork for fall athletes. Working tirelessly to improve and hone skills, the JV boys’ water polo team knows this firsthand.

According to Head Coach Adrian Lopez, moving the majority of previous JV players up to varsity has resulted in many new faces. Out of the 12 current junior varsity players, there has been weekly walk ins and only two returners from last year’s JV team.

“We want our players to be quick with the ball and focus on our drives and quick catches [in order to] shoot plays,” Lopez says.

Treading, dribbling, passing and shooting are the areas of emphasis the water polo team are focusing on. The players work on control with ball handling drills and shooting inside the corners of the goal. JV practice occurs alongside their fellow varsity teammates, and scrimmages against each other have helped both offensive and defensive tactics. Along the way, building up endurance while swimming and treading is another key aspect for the young players.

“[Because of conditioning] we have been able to last longer swimming. We can actually catch up to fresh players that just got into the water, while we’ve been in the water for the whole first quarter,” junior Peter Lopez said.

With the season starting the same time as school, there has been limited time for the JV team to develop skills and play right off the bat. Nonetheless, the ambition to win and succeed is the biggest driving force the team has.

“With the amount of work we put in during practices, our players should feel like the game is a breeze,” Coach Lopez said.

JV Girls’ Volleyball Strive for a Successful Preseason

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Staff Writer

This year’s preseason, the JV girls’ volleyball team, and along with Coach Tiffany Huang are determined to have successful preseason.

Last year, the Lady Moor had a preseason record of 3-2 and aim to go further this year. The Moors’ first game this preseason is against Flintridge Prep, and with all the extra drills Huang uses to help the team be prepared for the preseason, the Moors are ready.

This year, 13 freshmen and sophomores moved up onto the JV team from the ‘frosh’ team, all without the experience of the JV pace. Huang has extra practices to help the team gets used to her coaching style and the new difficulty level.

“They seem to be adapting well to me though we are still getting familiar with each other. One of the strategies this year is to focus on each skill at a time and piecing them all together, and by doing that we will be able to work together as a team […] Hoping [that] the team [will be more] comfortable with their own abilities [as we piece them together],” Huang said.

The teams practice mostly consists of passing, setting, serving, running, footwork and hitting. “Without passing, there is no play. The passer’s job is to get the ball to the setter without making her struggle so she can have a good set to the hitter so the hitter can score for the team,” sophomore libero Iris Zhou said.

JV Girls’ Tennis Team: New Faces, Same Goal

Sports Editor

Sports Editor

Having lost about 10 players to the varsity team, retaining only one returning player and gaining 13 new players, the JV girls’ tennis team is working together in order to improve during the preseason.

“[Our team is strongest in] teamwork because everyone is really friendly towards each other and is willing to help other team members,” senior captain Elaine Yu said.

The girls practice daily by holding two doubles or singles matches, while the remaining players’ execute drills to improve their backhand, forehand, serves, and volleys. In addition to their daily training , the team began practice early in the summer by participating in a summer training camp.

“We did a lot of drills. The girls worked on all facets of the game [at the tennis camp]. These [girls] are mostly beginners, but they’ve worked hard to improve since summer camp,” JV Coach Bill Yee said.

Under the guidance of Yee, the Moors are determined to strengthen their skills throughout the year in hopes of moving the girls up to the varsity team by next year.

The team won their first preseason game on Sept 3 against the John Burroughs High School team with a score of 10-8 on Sept 3, and lost against the San Marino Titans 4-14 on Sept 5.

Support your fellow Moors on Sept. 16 at their next home game against Rosemead High School at 3:15 pm.

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