Varsity Swim Team Competes for Spot in League Finals

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As the school year winds down, the spring sports teams are beginning to compete in their league finals. The varsity swim team is no exception; they competed on May 9 at Schurr High School against all five of the teams in the Almont League in order to qualify for the CIF preliminary matches. The Moors finished the season with a record of 5-7. Although the team has had to overcome many obstacles this year with the arrival of new Head Coach Adrian Lopez and training the junior varsity team consisting of all new swimmers, the Moors have been able to achieve most of their personal goals this season, including working hard during league meets, [reducing] their personal time and having fun in the process, according to co-captain Vanessa Gutierez.

“I felt that [the team] did extremely well this season, considering that many of the strong swimmers left due to graduation,” junior Brandon Wong said. “We won many meets that I had not expected to win.”

The Moors continue to be enthusiastic as varsity swimmers are practicing hard in order to individually qualify for CIF in their chosen events. Their daily practice routines consist of time trial dives and sharpening their skills. The team’s last league meet was on May 1 against the Mark Keppel Aztecs, resulting in a loss and finishing in last place in Almost League.

Badminton Team Rallies After Ending Arduous Season

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After finishing the last of their Almont League matches, the varsity and JV badminton teams ended the spring season with a streak of consecutive losses.

The teams’ last season game was against the San Gabriel Matadors on April 24. The varsity team won two out of 21 matches while the JV team received one win. The number of winning matches was not enough for the team to earn a victory in their last league game.

According to sophomore singles and doubles player Jessica Mo, losing the graduating seniors from last year and having many fresh faces to the sport were major setbacks to the teams’ league record and performance.

“Although our league results were not outstanding, the team still put full potential into every game. This season has been a great learning experience; we [maintained] a positive attitude about improving ourselves and being progressive,” senior singles and doubles player Janny Chin said.

Despite the season’s end, the team displayed their hard work during league preliminaries on April 29. After a season filled with improvements and technique building, the varsity badminton team finished the spring season with optimistic hopes for next year.

“I loved how [the seniors this year] treated all underclassmen as if we were a real family. They’ve taught me so much more than just badminton techniques, [such as] lessons to always focus and give it my all in what I do,” Mo said.

Varsity Basketball Reaches CIF Playoffs After Victory Against San Gabriel

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As their season comes to a close, the Moors varsity basketball squad prepares not only for the CIF playoffs, but also for their next season. With playoff hopes on the line, the Moors overcame a five-point deficit in the closing minutes to capture a 68-57 win over the San Gabriel Matadors on Feb. 14, placing the Moors in the coveted third seed in the Almont League standings. The third seed is vital because the top three teams in the Almont League receive automatic bids to the CIF playoffs. In front of the Moors are the first seeded Montebello Oilers (8-2) and the second seeded Mark Keppel Aztecs (9-1).

Finishing with a 5-5 record in league, the Moors fought back to gain a position in CIF playoffs. Even before the game against San Gabriel, the boys’ varsity team won arguably their most important game with the season on the line by earning a tough road win at Schurr on Feb. 11 with a score of 48-45.

“This season was indeed long and full of challenges. We took those challenges by fighting through adversity,” senior point guard Tommy Nguyen said. “It feels great to be in the playoffs trying to play for something we can be proud of.”

Last year, the Moors also made the CIF playoffs with a 5-5 record. Unfortunately, their average record put them in a tough place against a Santa Barbara squad, which led to an early exit and left the Moors looking ahead to the next season.

This year, they hope to avenge that loss and get further into the playoffs. The Moors began their playoff journey against the Alemany Warriors on Feb. 21.

Varsity Girls’ Water Polo Stroking to Enhance for the Following Year

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With the final league record at 0-4, the varsity girls’ water polo team swam throughout the season and ended their last rally on Feb. 12 against the Schurr Spartans, the league’s current champion, but fell to a score of 1-23.

“I think we did good considering we had a lot of injured players. Injuries were a problem because for a couple of games, we were missing more than three players at once. That meant that we sometimes didn’t have subs in the game,” sophomore wing Joyce Hong said.

Communication was another factor for the team’s fall in a couple of the games, and to improve that, the Moors practice drills such as playing three-on-three, shooting daily and running scrimmages weekly to build stamina, endurance and offense for the team which conditioned them for game situations. The Moors perfected offensive plays by practicing shooting drills and passing drills that also helped during game situations.

“For next season, the girls just need to keep playing the way [they] are playing. I would like to work on turning more players and individual players drive toward the goal. As for the turnout for the season, I’m so proud of the way the girls played. They all improved tremendously and often execute maneuvers that left me in amazement,” Head Coach Adrian Lopez said.

Because Lopez coaches two sports, the polo team does not have a coach to condition them or work on skills during off season due to swim season in the spring, so the team practices diligently independently or joins swim to further their conditioning.

JV Girls’ Soccer Advances Toward Newest Almont League Season

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Finishing the preseason with a 2-4 record, the JV girls’ soccer team continues their already ongoing season with a current 2-1-3 record, after winning their game against San Gabriel Matadors on Jan. 23 with a score of 8-0 and the game against the Mark Keppel Aztecs with a 5-0 victory on Jan. 27.

The girls will seek to improve from last year’s 8-2 season record this week against the Montebello Oilers away at Montebello High School.

Working out from 5:30 p.m. to 7:30 p.m. every day, the girls focus on plays, speed, blocking, aiming, endurance and many different tactics to better control the ball. The team excels during practices; however, though they feel that they made progress on their communication, some agree that it is something that still needs improvement.

The team continues to constantly work hard with the guidance of JV Coach Nabor Solis in the hopes of finishing their season on an excellent note.

“I think this year will end really great because at the end even though we know we are not the best, we made it our full effort to succeed,” defense sophomore captain Blanca Mendez said.

Lady Moors Score Victory in First Season Game

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The Lady Moors’ varsity soccer team began their first league season game on Jan. 14 with a 2-1 victory against the Schurr Spartans. Finishing their preseason with a record of 7-2-1, they currently hold an undefeated 3-0 record in league.

The girls are optimistically awaiting their upcoming games. After finishing second last year behind Bell Gardens, they are working hard to finish the season as league champs.

“We finished the pre-season really strong, and after our first league game, I can see the team finishing on top,” sophomore center midfielder Casey Moore said.

According to the team and Head Coach Armando Gutierrez, one of the best ways for the team to keep up their undefeated record in league is for the girls to avoid injuries. It was advised by the coach that the best way to avoid injuries is to warm up and stretch during practice.

“We try to take every precaution in order to avoid injury, but sometimes it is inevitable,” Gutierrez said.

With high expectations this year, the team is working hard during practice, analyzing strategies, finding solutions for their mistakes, and working together on the field. The girls keep in shape by practicing on their speed, endurance, stability, communication, footwork, defence and offence; Gutierrez has expressed that the team’s greatest challenge is staying mentally tough.

“The team must stay and work together in order to complete our goals. I expect all the girls to work as an all girls professional team. [However]I am very pleased with numbers right now,” Gutierrez said.

Due to the poor air quality, caused by the Glendora fire, the team’s second league game against Bell Garden was postponed to Jan. 21 at Moor Field. The game ended with a score of 2-1.

Support the Lady Moors today as they play against the Mark Keppel Aztecs.

JV Boys’ Soccer Acquires New Coach and Enters Season

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As students return to their daily routines under the California sun, the JV boys’ soccer team has continued onto their regular season. The boys currently have a record of 4-4-2.

The Moors practice daily from 3:00 p.m. to 5:00 p.m. They begin practice with conditioning and fitness exercises, then they move onto passing and touch drills and eventually end with shooting.

This year, the JV team welcomed Coach Brian Hoist, who hopes to remain coaching for the next few years, because the Moors have not had a consistent coach over the past few seasons.

“I hope to stay here and coach to help this team grow. Even though they’re not the best team out there, they never give up. They pressure their opponents during games. It is in their heart to win,” Hoist said.


JV Boys’ Basketball Trains Diligently with High Aspirations

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After a month of preseason, the JV boys’ basketball squad enters league play with a record of 6-4. The team started off 4-0, until dropping four of their last six games. Despite losing recently, Head Coach Danny Nieto affirmed that winning is not his only goal.

“Aside from winning, I expect the [players] to grow and improve, not just in basketball, but in life through discipline and respect,” said Nieto.


With a mix of juniors, sophomores and freshmen, the coaches see an experienced and talented roster with lots of potential.

“I expect [the team] to compete every game and at least get a few more wins,” captain Hao Deng said. “[Everyone] should play 100 percent, all the time, no matter the situation.”

The team practices daily, excluding game days and Sundays. Practice consists of warm ups, defensive and offensive drills, scrimmages and conditioning. The team hopes that the hard work they put in every day will transition into their games.

“[I] expect the team to be ready for the next level […] I also expect to see leaders and a brotherhood,” said Nieto.

The Moors began their season with consecutive home games against the Bell Garden Lancers and the Mark Keppel Aztecs on Jan. 14 and Jan. 17, respectively.

Girls’ Volleyball Slides Its Way Through Season

THE FINAL PRACTICE Lady Moors varsity volleyball team prepares for a victory in their final league match against the Mark Keppel Aztecs.

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The Moors had their last league game on Nov. 5 against the Mark Keppel Aztecs which was the last game of senior players’ high school careers. The win resulted with the Moors receiving a record of 3-7. It took the Moors four intense sets to defeat the Aztecs resulting with the set score of 4-1.

“I feel like our last game was good. I saw real aggressiveness come out from our players and some of the underclassmen really made me proud,” captain Catalina Lee Kim said.

With five seniors leaving this year out of a team that consists of 18, the expectations on this year’s underclassmen are very high.

Most of the varsity players this year will be returners, thus meaning that they should be used to Head Coach Charles Tran’s coaching strategies and the varsity pace itself. With the benefit of knowing who they’re going to play against, the Moors can adjust to be more prepared. Tran hopes to work on their defense and offense so that they can perform better.

“The team needs to be more mentally strong so that they can play at their full potential,” Tran said.

The Moors’ expectations are high, not from coaches, but from the players themselves. Working diligently is key, and to be successful, the Moors need effort in the offseason to be different next year.

“My expectations for next year are high. [The] majority of us will be varsity returners. We’ve had a rough season this year, so I hope we learn from our mistakes and struggles to be a better team,” junior defensive specialist Carol Chen said.

Varsity Football Easing Back Into Offseason

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As the varsity football team finishes off the season, the team has begun to look ahead to the future within the program.
With 16 seniors graduating this year from the squad, next year’s team will consist of many returners, but also plenty of new faces. Head Coach Eric Bergstrom believes that the team should be fine heading into next season even though they fell short of some expectations this year.

“This season, the players showed a lot of motivation by focusing on their own skills and not the opponent’s skills,” Bergstrom said. “With more preparation, we hope to build momentum from the offseason into the season,”

After finishing with a 2-8 record, the Moors earned the Tri-City Award. This award is given to the team with the best record among Mark Keppel, San Gabriel and Alhambra. In addition, Bergstrom has stated that the lack of an offseason was a major factor in the number of losses. He plans to endorse continued weight training and conditioning during the offseason.

“We plan to work hard in the weight room every day, especially during the summer,” junior wide receiver Simon Poon said.
“We’re also [going to work] hard on conditioning,”

Overall, Bergstrom and the players are excited for what a full year of training will bring. They believe that fixing small mistakes will lead to more wins and a successful season. They can only wait to see where the football program at AHS heads.

“As a new coach, we didn’t have much of an offseason this past season,” Bergstrom said. “This year, I plan to start much earlier. In my opinion, that will be the biggest difference that will get us better.”

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