Varsity Girls Soccer Shoots for Their Goals


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With pre-season ending for multiple season sports, the school’s various teams seem more dedicated now than ever. Varsity girl’s soccer is one team in particular that is putting in extra effort to start the season off strong. Technical training and soccer game play have created a diverse experience for the players. Some players see pre-season as a time to reflect on how they are doing so far and how they could improve their individual skills before the regular season begins.

“So far the season [has] been pretty good. My experience has been different than the past years because it’s my last year playing,” senior varsity player Stephanie Burgos said, “The team needs to work on communication during the game. I expect to place [well] during the season so that [the team can] go to CIF.”

The team’s season record currently stands at 5-4 with two ties. This record shows their persistence and competitive determination in every game that they have played so far. The girls hope to build off of each performance as the season progresses. The group is working hard to improve in their practice. Since their practices take place every day, they have the right consistency to work on their skills. Constantly improving upon individual abilities is the key to being successful in their season. Their constant dedication is sure to contribute to their season record immensely.

“For the rest of the season, I expect us to keep up the high intensity and maybe even raise intensity,” senior varsity captain Nicole Chavez said, “[This will] ensure that we prove to others and to ourselves that we deserve to be in the competition and [hope] that people are able to see our love/passion for soccer [by] watching us fight hard for a win at every game.”

Hopefully the team continues to play with the same passion they have been presenting while in their practices and their preseason scrimmages. With competition to inspire them, they have a better chance to do better than they ever have before.

The team’s work in the preseason is sure to pay off throughout the rest of the season. Although it is still early, they have set their sights on achieving all of their goals by the end of the season. With more practice, they may be able to maintain or improve their season record and improve their performance from the previous year. Be sure to support the Lady Moors at their next game on Jan. 17 as they play against the Schurr High School Spartans.

Girls Soccer Kicks Back Into Season



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The girls soccer team has been working rehard during practices to ensure that they will have a great outcome during the regular season. They have each developed personal goals for the regular season, as well as team goals to work toward. They hope to have success and make the playoffs as the season goes on.

“ [Our] goals for this year are to improve on my soccer skills and to be able to make it to CIF,” senior player Julita Ortiz said.

Improving in the sport of soccer is something that comes with constant work and education on what to do and what not to do on the field. For the girls on the team, it is important that they carry a positive attitude and pick each other up when they are feeling down.

“[Our] goal is to make it to CIF, and to be able to help my players improve this year,” Coach Marcos Viramontes said.

The Lady Moors hope to be able to maintain their high intensity practices as they prepare to take on other schools during their regular season. With Coach Viramontes, they hope to be able to perform at a high level this season. The team is preparing to play their next game on Dec. 2 at South Pasadena.

Boys’ Varsity Basketball Shoots for Moor




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As the fall sports season comes to an end, winter sports athletes lace up their shoes. The Alhambra boys’ basketball team is putting in their greatest amount of effort every day at practice, training with their sincere determination to prepare for their first season game on Nov. 28 against Blair High School. Currently the team is reviewing plays and conditioning so they are as ready as possible when season comes along.

“Our goal this year is to win league,” senior Matthew To said. “We plan to achieve this goal as a program by consistently working hard during practice in correlation with believing in the system and playing hard defense in order to make CIF and obtain the league title that we want by the end of the season.”

Last season under Coach Bryan Gonzalez, they had a 16-11 record for the overall season, and a 7-3 league record. Working together as a team, they plan on achieving their goal by maximizing their efforts and commitment in practices and games. They hope to utilize the skills that they have gained since freshmen year in order to meet these goals.

“As a senior, I feel that I have progressed a lot in basketball since freshman year,” senior Jason Trang said. “We have a full roster and every one of us has potential.”

The team will next play on Dec. 12 at home against Rosemead High.

Volleyball Spikes a Change


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     The Alhambra High School junior varsity volleyball team has reached the middle of their season and are working tirelessly during practice to have a successful second half of the season. Their daily practice consists mainly of passing the ball in order to gain better hand-eye coordination. More intense practices consists of conditioning and scrimmaging in order to be more prepared for gaming situations.

    Since last season, the team has improved significantly due to the addition of new teammates and returners from the previous season. They have enhanced their coordination as well as their personal performance on the court.

    “We have improved our communication and learned to not get discouraged by mistakes made  in the middle of a game in order to perform betterJV player Alex Illingworth said.

    With so much effort being put into performing better during competitions, the team has set goals for themselves to not miss as many serves as well as to not make mistakes resulting in free points for their opponent. In doing so, the team shall be more efficient during team plays and single shots.

    “My goals for the team are to improve every day and get better with every play during practice and games as well as for the girls to work harder to improve themselves,” JV Head Coach Chris Guzman said.

    The team has seen great results due to the athletes putting in so much time and effort at practice. Such effort has yielded a win against Montebello High School with a winning score of 17 to 25.

Varsity Football in the Running


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As the fall preseason comes to an end, the Alhambra High Varsity Football Team puts more work and drive into their weekday practices. Already completing more than half of their games for the season, the Moors have a chance to place in the top three in league. With a 2-0-3 preseason streak, the Moors are currently tied with the San Gabriel Matadors for third place and ahead of them is the Schurr Spartans with a streak of 3-0-2 in second and the Montebello Oilers with 4-0-1 in first.

To secure their third place spot in the Almont League, the team plans on improving from every player’s mistakes, both in practice and in games. The 38 Moors have learned that when they lose a game, it is not only one player’s fault. They win as a team and lose as a team.

With 19 seniors graduating this year, they plan on playing with everything they have. For these 19 players, they only have five games left in their high school football career wearing blue and gold, representing AHS and showing everyone what they work hard for. Next year there are going to be returners, but there are mostly going to be new faces. They want to tell underclassmen the advice they were given and pass it on.

“As seniors [on the team], we want all the underclassmen to play to their full potential, because they too can make a difference to the team. The team [itself] has a lot of talent and we work [in union],” senior defensive lineman Alex Herrera said.

Their first conference league game is on Oct. 7, against Montebello High School at Moor Field at 7 p.m. This year, our rivalry game against the Mark Keppel Aztecs is an away game at Mark Keppel High on Oct. 28 at 7 p.m.

Junior Varsity Boys Water Polo Team Pulls Through Preseason Changes


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      Alhambra high school’s junior varsity water polo team is in the midst of their pre-season and are working hard to have a great season and one day be prepared to join varsity. Improvement and dedication every day is key to a successful season and future seasons. During the team’s pre-season the team is constantly taking risks to improve upon their mistakes. Meanwhile, the team is constantly learning to understand each other’s strengths and weaknesses in order to support one another during intense competitions.

      In order for the team to better themselves throughout the season, JV Head Coach Jesus Medina aims for them to learn to struggle as a team through games and practices. He wishes for every player to understand every action or inaction affects those around you on the field.

     By the end of this season Coach Medina hopes to have to have built a foundation for coming teams to build on.

     “ My goals for the team are to have the fundamentals of conditioning, teamwork, and dedication to the sport and their teammates down in order to build the foundation for the coming years,” Head Coach Jesus Medina said.

    The team has been taking these ideas to heart and improving every day upon themselves.In doing so, the team has been able to make big changes to their discipline and focus on what’s important.

     “My personal goals this season were becoming captain and point, which I have accomplished this season while also hoping to get 10 goals by this season’s end and help lead the team better and improve,” JV co-captain Eric Tran said.

     So long as the team keeps a steady increase throughout the year they shall be more than prepared for the official Almont League games once the season begins.

Do You Really Want It In You?


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      Gatorade is one of the most well known sports drinks in the United States, and over 70% of the sports drinks distributed are Gatorade products. PepsiCo proposes new Gatorade products to meet athletes’ needs as they develop over generations. It has been over nine years since PepsiCo introduced a low calorie alternative, G2, to their already popular sports drink line. Some other products PepsiCo introduced to aid athletes include gummies and protein powder. As the demand for all natural products soars, Gatorade answers the call once again as it introduces G Organic, a new brightly colored, electrolyte-filled, organic sports drink. According to the Organic Trade Association, the organic industry hit an all time high, an estimated $43.3 billion was made solely off of organic products in 2015.

      G Organic contains seven ingredients: water, organic cane sugar, citric acid, organic natural flavors, sea salt, sodium citrate, and potassium chloride. The company has also stopped using artificial food dyes, artificial flavors and vegetable oil in their sports drink line. Although the beverage is more natural and contains organic ingredients, it is not much healthier than the original. The organic version has seven teaspoons of sugar that are essentially added to the drink. The recommended intake of sugar is nine teaspoons for men and six for women. That means women are exceeding their sugar intake with one simple serving.

      According to New York Times, the suggested retail price of the new organic refreshment is $1.69 for a 16.9 oz bottle, that’s $0.50 cents more than the non-organic versions of the same size. The other downside is that they are only being sold in select convenience stores and some Kroger supermarkets. The flavors include lemon, strawberry and mixed berry.

      My input? Save money and buy Gatorade original, there is not much of a difference between the two products in terms of healthiness and Americans have to learn that not everything labeled “organic” is healthy.

Girls Junior Varsity Tennis Team Gets a Grip on New Season


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      In most cases, preseason is a time where teams train wholeheartedly to compete in their upcoming games. The Moors’ junior varsity tennis team has been doing just that. Throughout most of summer, the group had met up to practice daily in order to enhance their personal skill levels and play against other schools.

      “So far we have played six preseason matches and in each the team has shown improvement,” Head Coach Bill Yee said.

      The junior varsity team’s record currently stands as 3 wins to 3 losses, but as Coach Yee mentions, it is not all about the score. Preseason games are mainly to prepare players for what is to come in the actual season, and to allow them to freely make mistakes and focus on them specifically in daily practice. This allows them to learn from the mistakes and become better than they were before.

      “The team got off to a rough start but together as a group we are training to become better then we have ever been individually,” junior varsity player Miranda To said.

       Training for tennis is different than training for most sports, where diversity in technique could improve skill. Often times practicing form in the exact same way every time will help advance one’s skill level more than anything else. Repetition is key in most cases.

      “We highly stressed fundamentals…Tennis is a muscle memory sport, each time you hit the ball in the right way, with the proper footwork, you get better at the game,” said Yee.

       The team is only getting started, and their season is looking to be a good one due to the dedication of the players and coaches as a whole. With each other’s help, they will progress much quicker working as a team.

      “Our coaches allow us to learn from our mistakes by watching as we practice and letting us know what we did wrong afterwards,” said junior varsity player Abigail Goy.

       With all this in mind, the junior varsity team plays their next game against the Matadors at San Gabriel High School on Sep. 29.

Alhambra Girls Volleyball: Serving Into The Season


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      As season comes closer for the Alhambra girls’ volleyball team, anticipation is growing to see how the girls will perform in their season games.  So far the team has played eight schools, with half of the games being in just one week. The girls started off the their games rocky; however, they are picking up their gameplay as soon as possible. Still there seems to be extreme difficulty on the court because many of the veteran varsity players have graduated.

     “Our main problems for games are that we give up too easily once someone makes a mistake; it’s hard to regain that confidence the team needs to win,” senior Sharon Huynh said.

     Faith is another factor that these girls can improve on; they need to learn that they should never give up no matter what. With even more new players on the team, it is tremendously challenging for them to have confidence. However they are determined to set their minds on their goal: to win season games. This will not be an easy task for the hard-working girls, but they are determined to do whatever it takes to win. Last year the girl’s record was 3-7 in season, the girls hope to improve tremendously this year because to make CIF they need to win six of their season games. Defense, as well as game, plays seem to be the girls’ main problems: only reacting to the ball but not taking action to reach for the ball. With high ambitions, these girls will work hard during practices so that they can have fun in their games. To most of these girls, volleyball has not just been a sport but also a great learning experience.

     “To improve, I think we just need to learn to talk to each other more and support each other, especially when one of us makes a mistake. We usually make a mistake and just let it affect us the whole game” said senior varsity captain Sharon Lam.

     The team overall needs a moral boost according to Lam, teamwork is a very important  part of Volleyball. This includes communications that the girls need to work on the courts in their games. There are many new faces on the team, and assimilating them into Volleyball is very challenging. Team chemistry is also another important part of the sport which require them to believe in each other.

     “We practice a lot on serving because that’s the easiest points to get during the games.” said Lam.

      Serving needs the most accuracy and strength which is why it is difficult. Coaches understand this so the team has practiced over the summer as well as everyday during the school year except for game days.

     With huge goals and aspirations, these girls hope to show themselves as well as others their abilities on the court. Get ready to see these girls in action as you catch them at their away game against the Schurr High School Spartans on Sep. 29th.

Varsity Girls Volleyball Team Spikes Through Pre-Season Practice

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The 2016 Alhambra girls varsity volleyball team has been hard at practices every day in the gym. This time, however, with new captains as well as many more new players on the team, the chemistry is not as it has been before. The first week of pre-season started off extremely hectic for the volleyball team, involving the team competing against 4 schools and playing 3 consecutive games. The team is headed towards a positive path with their practices and scrimmages, working hard towards their goals and winning first in league.

“This year’s Varsity team is filled with new members, except for five seniors including myself. Unlike last year which was filled with returners so we kind of already knew how to play,” senior co-captain Sany Ieong said, expressing her feelings on the condition of this year’s squad. “Practicing, helps us fix our continuous mistakes on the court to recognize and understand what we did wrong.”

Last year’s season was filled with a large group of veteran players who were used to the high expectations of playing on the varsity level and the game’s rules and regulations for varsity. With their experience, the team ran smoothly through the season. Though there are now many more new players on the team, they hope to do whatever it takes to be better than they were in previous years and to make this year better than the last.

“With a new team, we will definitely do whatever it takes for us to get better and help out how we work as a team. Since we are so new to this level, we want to help each other out as much as possible,” Ieong said.

The coaches have also expressed an optimistic outlook and had a motivating role towards the team. With their preseason games and practices, the coaches have been pushing them and fixing their mistakes on the court. These hard-working girls have spent a lot of time practicing over the summer and conditioning hard for the upcoming season and preseason.

Now as the school year starts, their practices are almost everyday with the exceptions of game days, taking place after school. Aside from taking part in drills that are focused on their inconsistencies from previous games, the girls also take part in a lot of team building drills that increase their chemistry on the court.
With high expectations placed on these girls, their performance will definitely reveal all their hard work from summer practices. The team next plays against Alverno High School on Thursday and San Gabriel High School on the 22.

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