About The Moor Weekly

The Moor Weekly is protected under the First Amendment of the United States Constitution and California Education Codes 48907 and 48950. The Moor Weekly is published weekly by the Journalism class of Alhambra High School. The opinions expressed are those of the writers, not the faculty or administration. Articles without bylines are the opinion of the staff.

The staff of The Moor Weekly is as follows:

Mark Padilla

Angela Yang
Farrah Luu

News Editor
Rebecca Zeng
Opinions Editor
Kayiu Wong
Features Editor
Sammie Chen
Sports Editor
Simeon Lam
Copy Editor
Elton Ho
Graphics Editor
Leslie Hwang
Head Cartoonist
Jacquelyn Loi
Photos Editor
Shannon Kha
Staff Liasion
Shelley Lin
Circulations Manager
Derek Wu

Staff Writers
Kyle Ang, Elias Almarez-Herrera, Elvin Chau, Crystal Cheah, Jennifer Fan, Nadia Gov, Yi-Feng (Ivan) Ho, Kenneth Hou, Eric Huang, Erin Kim, Vivianne Lam, Benjamin Lange, Ellen Lei, Alexander Lin, Shelley Lin, Yang (Michelle) Lin, Jacquelyn Loi, Mark Lorenzo, Molly-Mae Mendoza, Joshua Morelion, Cristian Mullen, Eva Ortega, Madeline Paragas, Derek Wu, Jason Zhu

Aaqil Khan

Corly Huang

Graphic Artist
Sammie Chen

Rebecca Zeng

Mark Padilla

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