New Policy on Service Clubs Receives Mixed Opinions


Service clubs are a way for students to be part of a group of people who are a big part of their community. A service club promotes community welfare and good will.  In order to join a service club in previous years, it was necessary to complete a certain amount of service hours, to attend specific meetings, to introduce oneself to the club and then to undergo an interview process. Recently, changes have been made to the application process.  

These changes include admitting all applicants and were made because some students would be denied acceptance into the club. This excluded students from the opportunity to be a helpful member of the community. Students could have been denied acceptance into a service club for various reasons. With this change, students are allowed to join any service club. These changes reportedly came about when administrators noticed the lack of opportunity a student would get with being denied acceptance into a service club.  To give all students the same opportunity, policies have been put in place for service clubs to accept all applicants. 

“Although some leaders may see a positive effect due to this change, I do not like this change,” LASO President Eric Garcia said. “It lacks the ability to see if members are really dedicated to join your service club.” 

Some students disagree with this new policy, believing it to be unfair, while other students around campus agree with this change. They believe that allowing all applicants to join will be an overall good addition to service clubs.

“I would say it is fair that they are accepting all students who want to help the community,” freshman Philip Yu said. 

Other students are skeptical. These  students believe that allowing anyone in these clubs can result in too many people joining.

 “I think that allowing anyone in [the service clubs] would attract students who do not want to help the community,” sophomore Matthew Ramos said, “I still agree with the prior way [of] accepting [the] students”. 

Some students have mixed opinions regarding the process of admission.

 “I don’t think everyone should be let in,” senior Jade Marum said. “however if there’s a student who meets the requirements and shows genuine interest in the club, they should be let in.” 

The effects of this new policy are yet to show as club rush is still open. However, the new members will be announced soon.