End of the Road for Boys Soccer


This year has been rough for the Alhambra boys soccer team. The team has struggled to gain results from their league matches prior to the recent loss to their long time rivals the Mark Keppel Aztecs. 

The team is not discouraged, however, and the players have high hopes of ending the season on a positive note.

 “These past few games have really affected our mindset, but we have to keep fighting,” varsity defender Bryan Perez said. 

The game was stuck at a zero to zero tie for most of the match until Mark Keppel broke through and snatched the victory in the second half with support from their star player Jerry Garcia who is currently leading the team with a total of 16 goals this season. This leaves Alhambra at a form of five losses in a row. 

The Moors have a chance to end this streak with their upcoming game against the Montebello Oilers, however. The last time these two teams met on Jan. 21, they lost 2-0 against the Oilers. The rematch will be held at Moor Field on Friday, Feb. 7 at 4:45 p.m. 

On the table standings Alhambra, with a record of 1 win 6 losses and 1 tie, is just ahead of Mark Keppel who is in last place. One of the key issues Alhambra faces is their lack of defensive stability as they have allowed a total of 39 goals against. This could be affected by a number of factors including quality of team they play against, tactics of the coaching staff and the ability of current players to perform. 

Even though the team has had better seasons, this one will still remain special for the seniors due to it being their last.

 “I’ll always remember this season because it was a personal best for myself, and it was last season in high school,” senior Andy Flores said. “I’m going to miss my teammates and everyone graduating with me. It’s been a fun four years for me.” 

The team’s final game is an away game at Montebello at 3:15 p.m.