A New Public Service Scholarship

JOHNATHAN LE LY HOUR Copy Editor Staff Writer

The Civic Action Fellowship is working to allow students to receive a scholarship for college through public service. This scholarship will be offered in California, with support from nonprofit and government agencies to provide a $10,000 scholarship through public service. This program will be useful to help pay off tuition and helps students who have financial problems. College expenses can be very costly and although there are many available ways for students to pay for it, they are typically still not enough to make college affordable. Through the scholarship they are able to pay partially for the cost of college. In effect, students and their families can be given relief from covering all of the financial costs. 

Poverty affects more than 10% of the world’s population. Many students with few financial resources may not experience the opportunities in college due to the lack of money. Allowing another way to receive a scholarship is greatly beneficial to families and students that are unable to pay for those high college tuition prices. Essentially, the program allows those who are accepted to do community service to pay their tuition.

 In addition to the program helping students financially, the program can also motivate more students to offer help in public services and provide for their local community. Students generally will join service clubs or help local communities without much benefit to themselves. There is not as much student involvement in public services when compared to other extracurriculars such as sports. By allowing students to pay for their college expenses by helping their community, it incentivizes their involvement in public service. The program can also promote more students to volunteer and be involved within their community.

 As the program clearly has many benefits, some may question the problems that come with this new idea about allowing students to pay for their college tuition through public service. opponents may argue that this program could be expensive for taxpayers, but government funding for The $3 million has already been secured. Some may also argue that this kind of service does not really count as volunteering and could actually make students dislike volunteer work in the future. However, while this might be somewhat true of the general population, students who receive the scholarship will be chosen based on their desire to help others along with their financial need. 

The program is receiving support from many universities and the government, showing its credibility and security. The program not only has many benefits that come with it, but it is a very stable and trustworthy program as well. 

Civic Action Fellowship has the power to help many students and communities within California. The program should be quickly implemented and supported. This idea should also be established in other states as well and does not have to be limited to only California. This program helps relieve limitations that some students may experience financially and can provide students an opportunity to attend a college.