Stipends for High-Need Subjects

AMANDA TANG Staff Writer

Governor Gavin Newsom proposed an excellent new plan for California which provides much needed financial aid to teachers. He proposed giving public school teachers $20,000 stipends if they would teach four years at a high-need subject at a high-need school. The amount of stipends given to these teachers in total is $100 million from California’s yearly budget. 

These stipends will ensure all teachers receive the proper training, materials and other resources in order for all students to have an equal opportunity to learn different subjects. This could mean better training for teachers, or programs where teachers can learn new curriculum about connecting with their students better. 

Plans like this should be implemented because the stipends will encourage more college students to go into the teaching profession and could lead to more diversity in the profession. The promise of money to pay for college and credentials can attract teachers from diverse backgrounds. This benefits students as well because some find greater comfort when diversity is seen at their school. 

Overall, many think the job of a teacher is not worthwhile because of the low salary, but their overall presence leaves a deeper meaning to many students in how they inspire and impact students daily. 

Before students can have the chance to find their own careers and explore their interests, it is the teachers who inspire these students daily. If teachers cannot get a well deserved pay raise, at least those who wish to go into teaching should be able to get the necessary schooling without incurring excessive debt. 

Teachers serve as role models for students. Many students spend more time with their teachers per day than they do with any other adults, including their parents. In many cases, students reach out to their teachers for insight. Whether it be educational or personal aspects, students can rely on teachers to be there in the most challenging moments. 

Unfortunately, there are areas where students do not get to experience having a teacher who not only cares about their education, but also their well being. Some high need schools have trouble holding on to qualified and caring educators. 

Because students attend school frequently, there is an immense significance to ensure all students can find comfort in their school community. These stipends can change that for many students by making sure fully qualified and caring teachers are available to them no matter what school they attend.