Thespians Set to Perform “Fools” as the Fall Play

MAX TRAN News Editor

Alhambra’s Thespians are performing the play “Fools” by playwright Neil Simon for their annual Fall Play. There will be four performances on Nov. 8, 9, 15, 16, at 7 p.m. in the auditorium.

“The funny, quick and witty dialogue of ‘Fools’ is what makes the comedy work so well,” cast member Bob Liu said. “We did a very serious season last year,” drama teacher Rachel Snow said. “I decided I want to do something quirky, bubbly and different [this year] and [“Fools”] is definitely quirky and funny.”

The play is about a town where  everyone is unintelligent. Leon, played respectively by Bob Liu for the Nov. 8 and 16 performances and by David Sandoval on Nov. 9 and 15, is the main character and the only person in town who is not a fool. The play has two different casts, so audience members might want to double check with a member of Thespians if they want to see certain performers. Snow claims that  despite  the  nature of the play, there are lessons that can be taken from it. One of them is the key idea that anyone and achieve anything with education. Tickets are eight dollars for students and ten dollars for adults during presale. All tickets cost twelve dollars at the door.