Olympic Medalist Carli Lloyd Has a New Calling

Claire Rodarte

On Aug. 20, U.S. Women’s National Soccer Team player Carli Lloyd visited the practice of the NFL’s Philadelphia Eagles and Baltimore Ravens. There she kicked a 55-yard field goal she made look effortless. She impressed many, and got offers from NFL teams as a preseason kicker. As Lloyd received offers, she heightened curiosity about her future as an athlete. 

Lloyd has considered playing football in the future. An important consideration is, if Lloyd were to become an NFL player, she would get paid more as a kicker than as a World Champion and Olympic athlete. 

Female world and Olympic champions are paid less than male athletes who play professional sports. 

Although Lloyd’s efforts brought support, she also got criticism from NFL players and coaches. Some claimed she would not be capable of making the same kick during a football game, and if the time came she would not be ready to block players since she is a woman. This shows some men look down on women who can do their job and do it better. This is a reaction within sports and in other major settings in society. 

Even with criticism, there were people that gave her praise, like New York Giants kicker Aldrick Rosas. Her efforts were impressive. Lloyd has shown her talents and has proven she is capable of being successful in multiple sports.