Girls Volleyball Scores Another Win

RANDY YANG Staff Writer

Girls volleyball took home yet another win on Friday Aug. 30 as they faced off against South El Monte. This victory was hard earned as several lead changes occurred, making it difficult to predict which team would come out on top. Eventually, the Moors were able to gain the upperhand with a final score of 3-0, completely destroying the Eagles.

 “It’s never really guaranteed, you’ve got to stay on your toes, but you can never go wrong with a ten point lead,” opposite/right back Amber Giang said.

 Starting off the first set, both teams were evenly matched. Lead change after lead change occurred, leaving the audience in suspense. Unfortunately for the Eagles, the Moors launched a counter attack, catching them by surprise as the loss of the first set blew past them with a final score of 25-13. 

After learning what the Moors are capable of, the Eagles seemed to play more cautiously in the second and third sets. Despite this, the Moors showed no signs of backing down and ensued the carnage from the first round, playing just as aggressively, scoring point after point. The game finally ended with a second set score of 25-19 and a third set score of 25-20. 

There were very few mistakes and zero injuries in this game. The Lady Moors credit their success to the hard work that they have put in to learning to communicate on the court. “Communication is the key factor to our games, we need to make sure nobody gets hurt and everyone is on the same page,” Giang said. 

So far in the season, the team’s record is 6-7 after a win against the San Gabriel Matadors on Sept. 17 and a very close 2-3 loss on Sept. 19 against Mark Keppel. 

The girls volleyball team has their next league game at home against the Schurr Spartans at 3:30 on Tuesday, Sept. 24. The Spartans are currently undefeated with a 12-0 record so far this season.