Situ the Truth…

Kenny Situ Page Editor

A Catholic school in Nashville, Tennessee recently banned the Harry Potter books. Reverend Dan Rehill decided to censor the books claiming that spells in the book would summon evil spirits. 

Although there has been no known news of Harry Potter spells in any sort of actual ritual summoning; the spells are actually based on Latin and Greek words. Latin is rarely spoken, making it magical in a sense. So I tested some spells. “Accio” failed to bring my breakfast and “Wingardium Leviousa” did not allow me to carry my backpack without breaking my back. To my surprise, “Riddikulus” did make people laugh when they saw me waving a wand around at them.

Harry Potter, upon release, grew until it became a critically acclaimed and bestseller with over 500 million copies sold. Perhaps it is not the spells that make Harry Potter magical, but the impact that it has had on people and modern literature. It holds a special place in millions of hearts and creates joy all over the world. That joy is the only thing Harry Potter seem to be able to summon.