The Decrease in School Spirit


JANET YU Opinions Editor

As a senior at Alhambra High School for the past four years, I have noticed that there has been a tremendous decrease in school spirit. Fewer people are joining clubs or showing up to dances. I mean, look at the turnout for Sadies. Only about 150 people showed up! That is at least 100 people fewer than last year. At Homecoming, barely anyone danced and everyone was complaining about how boring it was, despite the amazing decorations and music that played in the background thanks to ASB. In addition, people join clubs but do not actually do anything in it. Like why join a service club if you are not going to show up to meetings or actually go to services? Sure, school should be a place where students learn and try to do their best in order to get into a good college, but do not people want to have fun and make good memories in high school? It is time that people stop complaining about how boring our events are and actually go to things. People need to learn to actually socialize and do things in clubs instead of joining them just for the sake of putting them on college applications.