School Tries to Stop Vaping



A high school in Northern Vancouver, Canada recently locked up almost all of the school bathrooms due to a “very serious issue.” According to Global News, only two out of the six bathrooms remained open because the school claims that students are taking advantage of these bathrooms to vape.

This comes just a few weeks after Bronx Science High School in New York attempted a similar practice. The ABC News reports that Bronx High officials closed six bathrooms in low-traffic areas.

“They’re punishing people who don’t vape, and no matter what you do, they’re going to find a way to vape,” Bronx High School senior Brendon Kim said.

The school staff also closed down the gym lockers, restricting them to the beginning and the end of the period. Teachers and staff members were asked to limit the number of students who leave the classroom and implement some sort of monitoring system so they know exactly how long each student was gone for.

The school notified the parents and students through email to insure that they are well aware of the new situation. According to ABC News however, there are state guidelines as to how many bathrooms must be open based on the number of students in attendance at the school for any given period.