High School’s Over Already!

JANET YU Opinions Editor

I’m sure everyone is familiar with the type of people who walk around campus, act and talk to high schoolers, but aren’t actually students. No I’m not talking about teachers or the campus supervisors, I’m talking about the students who graduated but still come back to visit a little too much. Don’t get me wrong, it’s not bad to revisit high school or to have friends that are still in high school. However, it is undeniably strange when a college student comes back to visit the campus every single day and even befriends high school freshmen. Those graduates even sit around Third Street despite school being in session. It’s even worse when a college student decides to harass high schoolers on social media. For instance, recently some Alhambra graduates have been targeting high schoolers and even bullying them online. It’s bad enough that they’re wasting their time harassing others, but high schoolers? That’s another level of low there. Newsflash: high school’s over already, it’s time to move on with life!