Baseball Team Marches Onward to the Season


As a recap of what the Moors have done since the season started in mid-February, it may be good to look at the seven games that took place before publication of the last issue. The Moors were 7-0. They had won a tournament to get five of those victories. The last game of that tournament was the Moor’s closest game of the season against Muir High School but it seems to be one of a kind.

Score differentials have been anywhere from four to fourteen runs. Another outlier from the finals game against Muir High School is how many runs opposing teams score against the Moors, with Muir High School scoring eight runs against Alhambra’s nine. Other teams have not been able to meet this same standard. Besides Muir, the other highest scoring team against the Moors was San Marino, which scored four runs against Alhambra’s nine on the first game of the season. Since then, Alhambra has played two games within the Almont league.

These two teams would be our tricity partners at San Gabriel High School and Mark Keppel High School. On Feb. 27, Alhambra faced San Gabriel on the road. The game spiraled out of control very quickly for San Gabriel. The Moors scored six runs in the first inning, batting around the lineup. The team would score one run in the second, four runs in the third, and five runs in the fourth inning.

The game would end after the fifth inning with a score of 16-2. Finally, on the first day of the month of March Alhambra faced their rivals, the INTO THE OUTFIELD! The Alhambra offense spent their day chipping away at the defense, a run here and three runs there. The true standout part of the Moors performance was pitching from the Junior Victor De Leon, who threw seven innings with no walks, and one hit, leaving the Aztecs scoreless. The Moors now stand at an overall record of 9-0 and an Almont League record of 3-0. They will play against Montebello, Roosevelt, and Bell Gardens twice.