JV Football Keeping up Their Record


To start off their season, the JV football team faced the South El Monte Eagles on Aug. 17. With home field advantage, the Moors set out to beat South El Monte and start the year off strong. Moors were able to keep the Eagles from scoring entirely, and soared to a 1-0 record.

The next game would appear to be quite the standoff, however. In their second week, they faced the Rowland Raiders. The Moors played at home again, but this would not prove to be enough to overcome the Raiders. Yet, Rowland was having the same difficulties, and the teams would appear perfectly matched. The contest would eventually end in a tie 14-14, leaving the team with an odd 1-1-0 record, and Rowland with a record of 0-1-0.

The Raiders have since added a loss on their season. After the odd outcome of their Rowland game, JV faced the other Eagle, this time from Verbum Dei High School. The Eagles had come off their league starter. This was quite the replay of Week 1 for the team, as they handedly defeated them 22-0. The last game that the JV Moors played at the time of writing was the South Pasadena Tigers. They were able to score against the Moors easily. The Moors would be handed their first loss at the hands of the Tigers, losing 27-8. The Moors will face Schurr on Thursday at 3:30 at Moor Field.