AHS Fourth Annual Homecoming Parade and Carnival


Friday, Oct. 27 was Alhambra High School’s Fourth Annual Homecoming parade, carnival, and game. Several clubs participated in the 1920’s themed parade, which started at Alhambra High School on fourth street and continues all the way to Moor field. The parade, which started at 4 p.m, was put together by the Alhambra Associated Student Body.
“ASB spent many weeks preparing for homecoming,” ASB member and Director of Athletics, Aaron Robles said. “With our specialized committees, we each focused on tackling certain tasks. Much of our time was spent making decorations and publicizing.”
Many clubs participated in the parade and two clubs had floats. Kokua Lima service club (KL) marched with a float that featured a stage where their club mascot the polar bear was dancing and performing.
“ The parade was a great way to show our club spirit and bond with each other,” KL member, Junior Richard Huynh said. “We all had a fun time helping build and paint the float.”
LEO service club also displayed a float at the parade and walked with their club members through Alhambra to moor field.
“LEO spent several days after school building the float for the parade and screamed our chant to let everyone know who we were.” Senior Derick Quach said , “The walk can be pretty tiresome when you’re screaming at the top of your lungs.”
The parade was led by the Mighty Moors Marching Band in front of the class councils and their flags. Clubs including LASO, AP Ambassadors, IDEAS, Dance, All Male, GSA, FCCLA, and many more, participated by walking in the parade and holding banners representing their club names. Alhambra Board and council members rode in the parade as well, taking up 325 ft. The tail of the parade held the homecoming court, consists of Rainier Quilala, Ethan Dunning, and Moa Mossisa as the Senior Princes and Kaelen Rodriguez, Kimberly Pham, and Aminta Chang as the Senior Princesses.
“The homecoming parade is a pretty fun experience getting to march and play for the citizens of alhambra is really cool,” Junior Sydney La said. “The carnival is a bit pricey though and i would personally like more than 30 minutes to eat for a better system to buy tickets the line is to long. The football games are always fun to participate in although i think the timing for things, the planning and execution of getting the information across to the performers and clubs should be told a little more in advanced because it seems very rushed and sloppy. The idea of homecoming is great but i would love to see more creativity with the themes.”
The Homecoming Carnival at Moor Field was the last stop of the parade. Several clubs fundraised by either selling food or hosting games. Notably the Artifice magic club, led by Christian Nguyen, organized a game booth where players threw cards at a target and had the chance to win a slap on bracelet. Other clubs, like LASO, sold snacks including popcorn and cotton candy.
Mr. Venti, who was an announcer during the halftime show and throughout the parade, said “ I had an amazing time. It was great to see the stands packed and everyone having a great time.”
“ It was extremely fun, I had an amazing time with my friends and it was a great display of school spirit,” freshman Carlos Payed said.