Just Brew It

Drinking coffee may be considered a habit, but to many, it is almost an addiction. Some just cannot seem to start their morning off without that deep strong flavor. Over the years, this delightful beverage has grown in popularity and has been expanded into a collection of flavors. The most popular types of coffee include the standard Brewed Coffee, Espresso, Cappuccino, Americano and Caffe Latte.
Brewed Coffee is the most popular since the ground coffee and the coffee makers are very inexpensive. The second most popular coffee beverage is the Espresso, as it is one of the stronger types. Coming in third is the Cappuccino; some people enjoy cream in their coffee, which is why this Italian beverage was created. Next is the Americano, which is good for those who want a boost of energy but not one as strong as what the Espresso gives. Last but not least is the Caffe Latte, which is characterized by the unique designs made with foam on top of the coffee. Overall, these types of coffee are wonderful choices to start your day fresh and energetic.